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The Field Marshal

ENTJ Hobbies

ENTJs are also referred to as commander personalities because of their natural drive to lead others. Let’s have a look at the most common ENTJ hobbies.

Having frequent hobbies is essential for engaging in personal growth and living a full and satisfied life. Certain pastimes are a good fit for people with this personality type. Knowing what they are guarantees that you are participating in hobbies that bring value to your life. It also ensures that we will love our interests and use them to advance in all aspects of our lives.

People of this type do love having certain ENTJ hobbies, but they also want to feel like they are contributing to society in some manner. ENTJs are driven individuals who are always pushing themselves forward in their life. They detest feeling stuck or as though they aren't achieving anything worthwhile. 

To generate money, we should all think about going beyond the confines of the hustle. Sure, the ENTJ hobbies and occupations may be enjoyable in their own right if they choose the appropriate ones, but in order to achieve a healthy work-life balance, they must all find time to decompress. This personality type is also drawn to activities that can help them advance in their jobs.

They may have ENTJ hobbies that appear strange to other individuals, because they expect more comfortable and less demanding encounters. ENTJs just want to be able to focus on what is essential and enjoy meaningful activities.

ENTJs like taking on leadership roles in community groups, attending social gatherings or athletic events, and participating in competitive sports. Because ENTJs are generally career-focused, they may have little interests outside of work, or they may engage in leisure activities that assist them advance in their jobs.

Because ENTJs are adventurers with a greatly heightened extroverted characteristic, the following activities and interests are ideal for them.

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I. ENTJ Hobbies 

1. Drone Photography

ENTJs are keen observers of their surroundings. Taking photos is an excellent method to preserve things. Why not turn your passion for photography into something even more enjoyable?

Keep it as a pastime and upload their photos for free to sites like Unsplash or Canva. or purchase a camera with a built-in camera or pay for a GoPro, and perhaps they will be able to sell their photographs and film to the highest bidder.

2. Cooking 

This personality type is aware of what attracts them and will pursue it. If a food tastes nice, it is not enough for them; their objective is to make that dish taste divine.

From cooking to just being a pleasant pastime, they can probably try more and go one step further, create an even greater improvement, open up multiple food chains, and ensure that those food chains become better than other food chains, or at least competitive to other food chains.

Not only will they ensure, via the power of networking and surveys, that they build the finest restaurant ever, but also the best-tasting food ever. They may follow a recipe, but if it does not provide the intended results, they will alter it to the point where it is a whole new recipe.

3. Martial Arts

ENTJs frequently engage in activities that might help them advance in their jobs, such as taking on leadership roles in community groups, attending social gatherings, or athletic events. And one of the most common ENTJ hobbies is martial arts.

People with the ENTJ personality type are competitive and continuously looking to better their talents. When it comes to martial arts, there are several styles to choose from. Choose from Taekwondo, Judo, or Kickboxing, find some courses, and begin training.

4. Volunteering 

Volunteering is more than just a pastime. As a volunteer, individuals may help their community in a variety of ways while also improving their own abilities. If they enjoy teaching, they can educate street children; if they enjoy sports, they can coach a community sports team; and if they enjoy cooking, they can prepare for someone in need - all of these activities serve their community.

Leadership comes easily to persons of this kind, and they get a lot of satisfaction from sharing their expertise with others.

5. Crafting 

Crocheting, sewing, knitting, embroidery, jewelry making, card making, candle making, chocolate making, soap making, and baking and decorating cakes are all examples of crafts. There is definitely a one-of-a-kind creative experience for people of all ages and interests.
Crafting is a fantastic brain workout that allows us to look and feel younger than our years. It may even develop into a mindfulness practice that morphs into a form of meditation, which has a good influence on their health and well-being.

6. Reading

Because ENTJs like learning new things, they may enjoy reading. The problem is that the ENTJ is frequently quite busy and focused on the future, which does not necessarily allow much time for reading. They will frequently love technical reading and may find themselves reading something in order to prevent others from using it against them. They aspire to be capable and powerful persons, and they are intensely focused on achieving a high degree of comprehension. The notion of reading appeals to ENTJs, and they like learning new things.

Here are 2 books that ENTJs might love: Alanna: The First Adventure by Tamora Pierce and Legendborn by Tracy Deonn. People of this type are natural-born leaders and they love a good challenge because they know it’s one of the best ways to grow. But they are also quick witted and total problem solvers. Alanna and Bree are their kindred spirits and they will totally see themselves in them.

II. ENTJ Interests

1. Play Competitive Sports

ENTJs tend to be long-term planners, thus they will generally pursue a competitive activity as a pastime, such as boxing or jogging. They will set even greater goals for themselves by engaging in such pastimes.

Competitive sports, leadership positions in community groups, and attending athletic events or social gatherings are all common pastimes among ENTJs. Because ENTJs are so focused on their careers, they may have little interests outside of work, or they may participate in recreational activities that help them advance in their careers.

2. Play Strategy Games

ENTJs like learning. However, continual learning is not a good concept. Instead, it's a good idea to look into mind-expanding ENTJ hobbies like board games.

ENTJs are often optimistic and self-driven; otherwise, they would not strive to achieve their goals in the first place. ENTJs are typically forceful, confident, and competitive in order to attain their goals and demonstrate to others that they should be in control. They are unlikely to take things personally and are prepared to adjust if it is necessary to change the game.

The board games often chosen by Commanders are: Stratego, Apples to Apples, Chess, Three-Way Chess, Risk, Dungeons & Dragons, Dominoes, Cards Against Humanity, Axis & Allies, Blockus, Mastermind, Cosmic Encounter, Agricola, Pandemic, Monopoly...

3. Kayaking 

Kayaking has some of the same sensory attractions as canoeing, but it appears to be equally appealing to certain Intuitive types. Intuitive people appear to be drawn to what is fresh, strange, and non-traditional. This combination of feeling pleasure in kayak operating and kayaking itself being extremely amazing and sort of upmarket results in this mixed bag of Sensing-Intuitive devotees.

Kayakers frequently travel solo, but this means that each person has complete control over his or her craft, something ENTJs like. As the squad's captain, they may lead their team to greater heights while still putting in a good exercise. 

Kayakers, on the other hand, may and do travel in groups; in general, bigger groups than canoeists. Except when single canoeing, the requirement to create groups of two appears to keep trips smaller and more personal. Kayaking, as opposed to canoeing, is one of the excellent ENTJ hobbies.

4. Cosplaying

hobbies, and discover people who are as committed as they are. They could even be able to organize a whole event for cosplayers in their town one day, or if they are very excellent, they might be able to convert their hobby into a side job and get paid to cosplay.

5. Treasure hunting

This personality type excels at managing chaotic conditions and reducing difficult activities down into methodical phases. ESTJs are experts of logistics, knowing where to put people and how to employ them to achieve goals as efficiently as possible.

ENTJs are strategic and mobilizing, identifying long-term goals and putting procedures in place to achieve them. They must consider the larger picture and speculate on where gems could be hidden. As a result, treasure seeking is one of the most fascinating ENTJ hobbies.

6. Motorcycling 

Motorcycling provides a distinct and rewarding sensation that elicits some sort of enthusiasm, especially for those riders who find it intriguing and enjoyable. With a free-spirited nature like ENTJ, this will be an intriguing hobby to add to the list of ENTJ hobbies and interests. 

Consider the special adrenaline rush that ENTJ may experience from riding, every part of the ride including maneuverability, speed, and efficacy that makes motorcycling a popular activity for both students and other persons of all ages.

7. Mindfulness and Meditation

Being totally present and nonjudgmentally is what mindfulness entails. It raises their awareness of their emotions, bodily feelings, and ideas, as well as their surroundings. The more they practice mindfulness, the better they will become. Because they are more open-minded and imaginative than others, the ENTJ Myers-Briggs personality type may appreciate spiritual meditation.