The Field Marshal


entj-A / entj-T

The Field Marshal


ENFJ-A personality sees opportunity in every obstacle they might come across. They can't get easily derailed by unforeseen things.

I. ENTJ-A meaning

The assertive commander is ENTJ-A. They conduct their lives assertively and directly. As a result, they appear to others to be more opinionated and vocal.

According to studies, the ENTJ-A and ENTJ-T share the same cognitive functions. The primary distinction between the two types is how they tackle circumstances and challenges.

Assertive ENTJs are self-assured, believe in themselves, and are unaffected by stressful situations.

Assertive ENTJs or ENTJ-As frequently find that tension or pressure allows them to focus and accomplish better. When things go tough, they don't let it affect their self-esteem or drive to pursue their goals. Negative opinions usually have little effect on their way of thinking.

ENTJs who test as the A personality type tend to be more self-assured and secure in their skills. ENTJs may be prone to this since they are naturally more aggressive people who strive to minimize outside stress as much as possible.

ENTJs aren't easily influenced by other people's ideas, which might assist them to lean more toward the aggressive personality type than the tumultuous type.

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II. ENTJ-A Characteristics

1. Outward Confidence

The ENTJ-A's confidence is perhaps the first thing we notice about them. It is evident in their behaviors and judgments. Most people who work close to the ENTJ-A are frightened by their self-assurance.

Their self-assurance originates from their idea that they are capable of accomplishing everything they set their minds to. ENTJ-As are frequently a formidable force to be reckoned with.

All ENTJs are typically self-assured. However, Assertive ENTJs are far more confident in their skills than Turbulent ENTJs. They are concentrated, goal-oriented, and self-assured. Assertive ENTJs do not have a negative self-perception and rarely feel embarrassed of themselves.

Commanders also show their identity distinctions in ways that go beyond the social world. One of the most noticeable differences across the variations is their sense – and display – of confidence. Assertive Commanders have more confidence, both naturally and in response to external circumstances.

Because they spend so much time preparing for things and increasing their inner knowledge, ENTJ-As are typically naturally confident individuals. This allows them to be more competent of knowing how to handle a problem since they are comfortable asserting themselves even when others are unsure of what to do next. ENTJs are natural leaders for a reason; they recognize when they are far better equipped and capable of dealing with a scenario or problem that is in front of them.

One factor that may cause the ENTJ to test as an A type personality is their feeling of self-confidence. They approach problems with a confident and outwardly calm manner. They are self-assured in their own talents and capabilities and are not hesitant to take control as a result. The ENTJ's inherent ability to go into a situation and address the difficulties at hand contributes to their appearance of calm and collectedness.

Even if the ENTJ is internally concerned about something, they appear to be at ease in their own skin. They are acutely aware of their own abilities and expertise, and this self-awareness allows them to achieve things that others do not.

2. Motivation

ENTJ-As are frequently more driven than other ENTJs. Most ENTJ-As are motivated inside rather than outside. As a result, it is long-lasting. ENTJ-As can frequently tap into this desire. This keeps them going even when they confront a slew of obstacles.

The Assertive Commander personality finds opportunity in every challenge they face. They cannot be readily derailed by unanticipated occurrences and must quickly change their plans in response to the new circumstances.

They are bright and funny, and their minds are always working to find a way out.

While having a lot of motivation might help you overcome obstacles and achieve more, it can also take you on a wild goose chase.

As a result, ENTJ-As must ensure that their motivation is not centered on unachievable projects.

3. Decisive-making

ENTJ-As make quick decisions. They also make these judgments quickly. This means that ENTJ-As frequently spot and seize chances while others ponder them. This might put them in excellent positions later in life. It can, however, make them more irresponsible and impulsive. As with other traits today, the aggressive ENTJ must strike a balance.

ENTJ-As want to take leadership, which is shown in their more forceful personality. They are willing to enter into a crisis and can naturally and unapologetically assume the role of leader. They are rarely frightened of how to handle situations since they believe they are capable of completing the task. People with ENTJ-A type have a strong will and will go for what they desire without hesitation.

Some people may be afraid of the outcomes, which prevents them from taking action. ENTJ-As are not scared to take action; instead, they rely on their own expertise and experiences to guarantee that they can manage almost anything that comes their way.

ENTJs are naturally aggressive and do not shy away from taking on leadership responsibilities. It is about being confident in oneself and having faith in one's own inner talents for them. This is less due to a lack of concern and more to the fact that they know they can get things done better than other people. This is why ENTJs may appear to be type A personalities, but they have far more complicated traits that cause them to tilt in both directions.

4. Dealing with Stress

While most individuals suffer with stress, ENTJ-A is an exception. They are among the people who flourish under stress and strain. When faced with stress, they are also less prone to become disheartened or distracted.

As a result, ENTJ-A people are excellent candidates for high-pressure professions or those with short deadlines. They are constantly eager to take on new challenges.

Assertive commanders are significantly more likely to manage their stress. Despite the sensations and ideas that stress brings, they have a better time pushing forward in a firm Commander manner.

Assertive commanders are more prone to believe that stress improves their ability to focus or execute. This personality type's two variations can be aggressive and active. However, in the case of Assertive people, stress is more likely to fuel their motivation – and maybe even boost their vitality.

5. Unfeeling attitude

ENTJs, in general, struggle with expressing their feelings. The ENTJ-A on the other hand takes a negative turn. They are extremely insensitive to how others feel and may find it difficult to express their own emotions.

This is exacerbated by their belief that emotions make you susceptible or weak. As a result, most ENTJ-A people may not develop this aspect of their personality until later in life. Some people never get around to developing it.

6. Determination

People with the ENTJ-A personality type are highly brave. Their bravery is evident in almost every aspect of their existence. They also have strong opinions. As a result, people frequently put a lot of pressure on their beliefs and feelings. Because of this, they might be scary to other personality types who are not as aggressive as the ENTJ.

While ENTJ-As are concerned with doing things well, they do not frequently seek advice from others. If someone they don't know attempts to critique the ENTJ-A decisions, it seldom has an impact on them. They don't really need other people's approval to believe in themselves and their skills. They are considerably more easygoing about these things than other types and do not require the approval of others.

Allowing outside stressors or individuals to impact them and their behaviors might feel like a waste of energy for the ENTJ-A. Instead, they rely on their own inner strength and wisdom to keep going forward in the desired path.

The ENTJ-A must have faith in themselves since they recognize that not everyone has their best interests at heart. They are self-sufficient individuals that seek outcomes in order to have a better knowledge of the issue and what they are capable of.

7. Self-image

The way Commander personalities see themselves physically is one sign of confidence. Assertive Commanders are less likely to be self-conscious about their appearance and are somewhat more likely to think of themselves as beautiful. Furthermore, their judgment of how they look is less likely to alter frequently.

8. Emotion

When it comes to larger emotions, ENTJ-A Commanders are likely to have better difficulty controlling their emotions. Identity traits that make people less susceptible to the impacts of stress can also reduce the impact of unpleasant emotions. This is crucial because commanders value their ability to be impartial and decisive. The Assertive personality attribute can help this personality type's clarity of thought.

Even under difficult circumstances, ENTJ-A people have an optimistic outlook. They do not avoid controversy and attempt to convey a point even when conversations are heated, typically without being frightened.

Assertive Commanders are more likely to be able to let go of irritated thoughts or sentiments that may develop as a result of such events. These people are considerably less likely to say that they lie awake at night thinking about what bothers them during the day.

The Assertive Commander personality has great emotional control, allowing them to handle even the most challenging situations with ease.

However, they occasionally fail to see that others will require more time and effort to get the same result, thus they tend to look down on those who require more stimulation or emotional reaction.

III. Career Choices for ENTJ-A

The greatest jobs for ENTJ-As people are ones in which they have a managerial role or operate their own firm. This indicates that ENTJ-A individuals are excellent at leading others toward a common objective. They may be extremely inventive and imaginative. Because of their work ethic and drive, others are frequently motivated to follow them. As a result, they make excellent leaders. 

Individuals with the Assertive Commander personality type are dominating, analytical, self-aware, and structured. These folks devote a significant amount of time and energy to project preparation and execution without becoming exhausted.

They are good at distributing work and responsibilities, they understand how to deal with people in their business environment, and they are charismatic enough to rally masses for a greater cause.

Assertive ENTJs are not easily affected by emotions and do not become overly agitated in the event of an unexpected turn of events.

Best Careers for ENTJ-A:

  • Law enforcement officer;

  • Sales representative;

  • CEO;

  • Executive director;

  • Entrepreneur;

  • Lawyer;

  • Military Officer.