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The Field Marshal

ENTJ Famous People

If there was one term to describe an ENTJ personality, it would be a leader. Let's look at some ENTJ famous people to have a better grasp of their personalities.

ENTJs account for just 2.7 percent of the male and 0.9 percent of the female populations. ENTJs are ambitious and driven people who flourish when they are working toward a goal. Their innate authority mixed with their captivating personality makes them natural leaders.

ENTJs are self-assured and believe in their intuition, making them one of the most decisive personality types. They exist just to work. Because of these personality qualities, ENTJs are overrepresented among CEOs and entrepreneurs. So it's no surprise that this list of ENTJ famous people is chock-full of absolute bosses who inspire others in a variety of ways!

People with the ENTJ personality type are charming, straightforward, and rational. They most likely love taking leadership, working toward objectives, and inspiring others to improve.

On the plus side, ENTJs are achievers and tenacious, which allows them to prosper professionally. Unfortunately, they can be self-centered, but only because they have the necessary information and abilities.

They are analytical and practical. Problem solvers who are charismatic. Prioritize rationality above emotions. Prioritize the broad picture above the tiny details. Prioritize future outcomes above present ones. Challenges provide him with vigor. Cold and brutal, particularly to sensitive individuals.

The tenacity and analytical talents of ENTJs frequently lead them to tremendous success in life. Here are some of history's most ENTJ famous people and celebrities who fit this kind.

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I. Politicians and Activists with ENTJ

The majority of ENTJ famous people active in politics are successful. They are natural leaders who can guide others and assist them in reaching their goals. They are highly self-assured in their skills and can take criticism without hesitation. Many notable politicians across the globe are thought to be ENTJs.

1. Nancy Pelosi

Being the highest-ranking female politician in American history says a lot about Nancy Pelosi's leadership characteristics and powerful and crisp public speaking skills. She demonstrates a great public speaking ability, which many ENTJs are reputed to have; it's no surprise she's so powerful. Nancy feels that the purpose of debating is to find a solution to a problem. Nancy Pelosi was placed 26th on Forbes' list of the world's 100 most influential women in 2014.

2. Margaret Thatcher

Thatcher, dubbed the "Iron Lady," was notorious for making difficult decisions as Prime Minister and was largely responsible for Britain's economic recovery. In 1987, she was re-elected for a third term due to her excellent leadership abilities and beliefs. Her straightforward and frank conservative beliefs, as well as her uncompromising demeanor, were characteristic of ENTJ famous people.

3. Napoleon Bonaparte

Despite his small height, Napoleon Bonaparte wields enormous power, which is a genuine reflection of his ENTJ personality. He recruited hundreds of soldiers to fight beside him on the battlefield, where he won some and lost some battles. He was little more than an outcast until he became Emperor of France. But, with a vision of an independent Corsica, his native nation, burning hot and powerful in his heart, he studied about military tactics and plans, soaking it up like a sponge. It was his unwavering dedication that propelled him to prominence as a leader. On the battlefield, the Duke of Wellington believed Bonaparte was worth forty thousand soldiers. This eliminates any doubt that he is an ENTJ.

4. Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar, the Roman commander and statesman, is one of the most significant ENTJ renowned persons in ancient Roman politics. Caesar profoundly and irrevocably altered the trajectory of Greco-Roman history. The Greco-Roman culture has been gone for so long that most of its famous men's names are meaningless to the ordinary educated modern person. But, like Alexander, Caesar's name is still on people's lips throughout the Christian and Islamic worlds.

5. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was a revolutionary Turkish army officer. He is best known as the founding father of the Republic of Turkey and a Turkish revolutionary politician, serving as the country's first President from 1923 until his death in 1938. He was bright and well-informed as an ENTJ. As a result, he often excels in public speaking.

II. Actors and Artists with ENTJ

Acting is not a common career for ENTJ celebrities. Acting often necessitates the Feeling (F) attribute and extreme empathy, and most ENTJs are logical, not sympathetic. Surprisingly, many celebrities with ENTJ personality types had successful performing careers.

1. George Clooney

George tried his hand at directing because, like all ENTJs, he enjoys controlling and setting goals. He says that directing is more satisfying and offers him more control than performing. Not content with merely acting and directing, George has lent his support to a variety of political and social causes, devoting all of his energy and time to them. This characteristic is particularly common among ENTJ famous people, and it is shown in his choice of roles and movies. Clooney, a Hollywood heartthrob who just married Amal Alamuddin, was included to TIME Magazine's list of the 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2007, 2008, and 2009.

2. Harrison Ford

ENTJs have a strong desire to enhance their surroundings and the environment in which they live. Harrison Ford demonstrates this tendency as well, which is why he is a part of the “Nature is Speaking” campaign. Ford is notorious for speaking his thoughts and seeming somewhat distant, and he is extremely protective of his personal life.

3. Salma Hayek

She is recognized for being strong and frank in her work, which is an ENTJ characteristic. This American and Mexican actress has done more than just act; she has actively contributed in raising awareness about prejudice against women and immigrants, as well as the advantages of nursing. In 2014, she even took part in an Afghan campaign for women's rights.

4. Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey, who has been described as one of Hollywood's biggest stars, does display several ENTJ characteristics that are unique to this personality type. He has shown passion and dedication in his quest to make it big in Hollywood. During his hard times, he fantasized about celebrities and had the confidence to back it up. Aside from performing, he has been skeptical of the scientific community's ideas regarding vaccination and has organized the "Green Our Vaccines" march in New York.

5. Charlize Theron

This South African model, actress, producer, and philanthropist is recognized for speaking her thoughts and taking action in any circumstance. Charlize Theron's need to be in command reveals her genuine ENTJ personality, and this, combined with her conviction in speaking up, has made her a brilliant actor recognized for excelling in her trade. In fact, it was her desire to express her opinions in public that led her to choose a career as an actor, where she will have more possibilities to convey her thoughts and ideas. In 2009, the United Nations appointed her as a Messenger of Peace, recognizing her charm and capacity to inspire people.

III. Men and Women of Science with ENTJ

ENTJs are analytical thinkers. They love not just thinking about theoretical notions, but also taking actual steps to make their thoughts a reality. That is why they pursue a career as scientists. They can readily acquire information from their surroundings, evaluate it, and make innovative judgments. They frequently become psychologists, neurologists, or scientists. Here are some of the world's most ENTJ famous people as scientists.

1. Carl Sagan 

He is a well-known American astronomer, author, and researcher known as "the astronomer of the people." He has also written over 600 scholarly articles and books on astronomy.

2. Andrew Huberman 

He is one of the typical ENTJ famous people who is a young American neuroscientist who pioneered the disciplines of brain development, brain plasticity, and neural regeneration. His career as a professor at Stanford University School of Medicine is well-known.

3. Philip Zimbardo

Philip is a well-known American psychologist who is well known for conducting the Stanford Prison Experiment in 1971. He is well-known for writing The Lucifer Effect and The Time Paradox: The New Psychology of Time That Will Change Your Life.

He also founded and serves as president of the Heroic Imagination Project. Zimbardo and colleagues from the University of Rome La Sapienza, Gian Vittorio Caprara and Claudio Barbaranelli, were given the satirical Ig Nobel Prize in Psychology in 2003 for their study "Politicians' Uniquely Simple Personalities."

4. Richard D. Wolff 

This guy is an American Marxian economist and Emeritus Professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. According to the New York Times Magazine, he is "America's most renowned Marxist economist." Wolff resides in Manhattan with his wife and regular colleague, psychotherapist Harriet Fraad.

5. Pierre-Simon Laplace 

He was a well-known French scientist who made significant contributions to mathematics and astronomy. For verifying Newton's theory of gravitation, he is often regarded as "the French Sir Isaac Newton." Laplace is regarded as one of the most brilliant scientists of all time. He has been regarded as having a spectacular natural mathematical capacity surpassing to that of any of his contemporaries, and has been referred to as the French Newton or Newton of France.