The Field Marshal


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The Field Marshal

ENTJ Career Matches

The best careers for people with the Commander personality type make the fullest use of these qualities. These are 10 ENTJ career matches that fit this type.

I. The ENTJ at Work

1. Ideal ENTJ career matches

ENTJ MBTI types tend to work well with others who:

ENTJs are naturally focused individuals who strive toward long-term goals. ENTJs are more likely to thrive at work when their coworkers are willing to work hard, value critical feedback, and make sound judgments.

Extroverts like ENTJs prefer to work with others, these ENTJ career matches will be suited to them. Working toward huge objectives drives them, and they are inclined to value having coworkers that work in a similar manner. Because ENTJs appreciate open expression, it is important that their coworkers learn to value meaningful, constructive criticism. They get along well with those who can think critically about important issues.

For the ENTJ, their profession is extremely essential, and choosing one that they can handle and excel at is critical to their future. They believe in pushing themselves to continue growing and learning in order to achieve the pinnacle of their job. They are frequently capable of thriving in any ENTJ career matches, but which ones are best for them on a deeper personal level is another story.

2. Uncharacteristic ENTJ career matches

ENFP MBTI types may hit obstacles in professional relationships when they:

Other people's orders must be obeyed. The ENTP MBTI personality type values initiative and creativity. They don't want to work with individuals that push them to conform. They may even make unexpected judgments if pressured.
ENTJs value their independence and may find it difficult to follow orders from others. They may inadvertently talk over others if they feel aroused or fired up during a dispute. Direct comments from ENTJs might be upsetting to those who aren't used to constructive criticism or who are naturally sensitive.

When it comes to choosing their ENTJ career matches, ENTJs may be a bit obstinate, which can be both a strength and a weakness. This places individuals in situations where following directions from others might be difficult. When they have to work for someone else, especially someone they perceive to be inefficient, they get anxious and agitated. They may have difficulty suppressing their emotions, making these ENTJ career matches difficult for them.

II. 10 Best ENTJ Career Matches 

1. Business Owner/ Executive

Executive is one of the finest ENTJ career matches for these sorts of people. They are more at ease in these roles since they have the necessary freedoms and responsibilities. They are not continuously stressed out by having to answer to someone else; instead, they have a sense of control over their jobs and lives. ENTJs are excellent leaders because they are not overbearing but have just the proper amount of aggressiveness to take command.

When it comes to becoming a corporate executive, they frequently feel pleased and at ease in their positions. Knowing that they can create plans and put things in motion without continuously relying on others gives them a sense of personal success.

2. Politician

Politicians must be able to persuade others to their point of view, which ENTJ personalities excel at because they can be aggressive. They can understand the broad picture and can naturally lead people, both of which are characteristics of a great politician.

Because ENTJs are typically self-assured in their skills, criticism and disagreement do not bother them, and they are willing to force their opinions on others, making them well suited to these kinds of ENTJ career matches.

3. Sales Manager

While some personality types despise working in sales, ENTJs frequently love it. It is preferable for them if they can go to a higher level while not having to answer to too many people. As the sales manager, they are frequently excellent at delegating and supervising others, as well as knowing just how to approach individuals and circumstances. They like and are frequently effective at leading and coaching others.

It is frequently natural for the ENTJ to be the one directing a group and instructing them how to get the greatest outcomes. As a sales manager, they may devise effective methods for increasing sales and will love guiding their team down this road. ENTJs are also generally extroverted persons who like interacting with others and may perform well in sales positions.

4. CEO

ENTJs hold more CEO positions than any other personality type. CEO jobs fit ENTJ career matches since they seek and succeed in positions of authority.

ENTJs like to take command of circumstances and impose their strategic solution. They are naturally extroverted and can encourage teams, give strong speeches in front of big crowds, and keep many projects on track to produce outcomes.

5. Lawyer

ENTJs make excellent lawyers, especially when working in more difficult situations. They can understand a large amount of information and retain facts quite well. ENTJs love the ability to evaluate facts and discover the most logical way to settling their issue and providing their customer with what they want. 

Whether working as a litigator or a more corporate lawyer, the ENTJ will feel pleased and happy if they are in a competitive job with numerous difficulties. They love being able to overcome various obstacles along the process.

6. Engineer

The most successful engineers use strategic thinking to discover the greatest and most innovative solutions to life's challenges, sometimes even designing or manufacturing items we didn't realize we needed.

Attention to detail and the ability to persuade indicate that ENTJs who are scientific or mathematically inclined would perform well in the engineering sector.

7.  Armed Forces Officer

Natural leaders who desire structure, ENTJ types can have a great career in the military services if they can first learn to obey commands in order to get to the highest levels.

ENTJs are strategic thinkers who may be decisive, aggressive, and adept at persuading others to their point of view, which is ideal for a military leader. They may set aside their own and others' personal demands to complete a task.

In some professions, ENTJ career matches can be obsessed about their job and have little patience for people who do not deliver on their perceived goals - two flaws that can be converted into strengths by a career in the military services.

8. Doctor/Surgeon

To be a successful doctor or medical specialist, you must have a strong work ethic, as well as drive, efficiency, and focus. Because of their attention to detail and strategic vision, ENTJ personalities make great doctors.

ENTJs also commit to completing a task without deviation, which is required of a brain or heart surgeon, as well as the character and capacity to manage a team to achieve such tasks.

9. Life Coach

Applying creativity and smart thinking to assist others in achieving a certain goal may appeal to an ENTJ, especially if they can combine the job with operating their own business.
Consideration of all aspects of the larger picture, followed by advise to encourage and allow a client to adopt a certain course of action, might be the ideal mix for an ENTJ personality type.

10. Public Speaker

They are strong-willed individuals who dislike letting any impediment to stand in their way, and this is something they frequently wish to pass on to others. Because ENTJs don't believe in making excuses, their techniques may be a little more direct, but they typically obtain the outcomes that are required in that circumstance.

As public speakers, ENTJs may communicate the message in a clear and exact way, accomplishing what is necessary to convey the idea to the audience without seeming complex or jumbled.

III. Career matches for ENTJ Types to Avoid

The following occupations are less likely to please an ENFP and may lead them to feel pressured and tired.

1. Lorry Driver

ENTJ personalities require challenges and the freedom to make their own judgments about how to complete a job - neither of which are high priorities for a lorry driver. Drivers are frequently required to follow a predetermined route, and a long trip can get repetitive and uninteresting, leaving ENTJ types yearning for something new after only a few excursions.
Drivers must also adhere to tight restrictions about breaks and working patterns, which ENTJs may trouble with because they want to work all hours to obtain

2. Factory Worker

Some ENTJ career matches believe that spending all day doing repetitive manual activities with little chance for strategic thinking is not a suitable fit for an ENTJ personality type. They would rapidly become bored with the task.

Without the ability to observe the consequences of their labor and to influence others in their team, ENTJ types are more likely to fall behind schedule and lose their jobs.

3. Data Entry

ENTJ personalities will wither if they lack originality and the capacity to impose their own structure on the way of completing a task. Data entry positions sometimes involve strict adherence to certain protocols and procedures, which can be tedious for ENTJ personalities.
Without a clear path to management, ENTJ types will struggle to retain a job under someone else's particular control for lengthy periods of time.