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INFJ Hobbies

INFJs are known for their deliberate approach to life, where they are engrossed in their creativity, values, deep thinking, and inner vision!

Although they aim high and have a feeling of creating the perfect world, they are not misled by their idealism and see the necessity to take tangible measures in order to make the world reflect their inner vision of it, in which people are treated fairly and with fairness. They like advocating for people and connecting with them on a deeper level.

Because our Myers-Briggs personality types define how our minds operate, it stands to reason that persons of the same type would have comparable interests. Everyone is an individual with their own preferences for how to spend their free time, although people of the same kind generally love comparable activities.

INFJs gravitate toward hobbies that are related to their interests while also serving a purpose larger than themselves.

That larger thing may be the well-being of their community, the needs of those suffering from a specific pain or struggle, or the well-being of their family or friends.

INFJs appreciate their interests, even if they do not share them with others. They may have more introverted activities, such as playing online games or creating fiction novels.

Whatever their main interests are, INFJs frequently gain a lot from the time they spend on them. They frequently treasure pastimes that enable them to spend time alone, engaged in their own thoughts and feelings.

However, the INFJ may appreciate sharing some pastimes with someone special, and they find it fascinating to have someone who understands this aspect of them. Here are 21 activities that many INFJs enjoy.

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I. INFJ Hobbies 

1. Reading

When you ask INFJs how they like to spend their time, this is one of the top activities they mention. Many INFJs are enthusiastic readers, devouring a wide range of fiction and nonfiction works. 

It's no secret that INFJs like reading. Reading is by far one of the most popular activities among INFJs. Books give a reprieve from a tired world, an escape into the imagination, and, in some circumstances, useful advice for life's ups and downs.

When it comes to INFJ hobbies, the majority of these people are voracious readers. In fact, in a research comparing type and reading, INFJs came in second, with an average of 67 books read each year. Reading develops their creativity and exposes them to new worlds, planets, and emotions.

2. Dancing

Dancing has been around for centuries. It is a fun activity that can be done with family and friends or even solo. 

There are many benefits of dancing as one of the INFJ hobbies including improved coordination, increased flexibility, stress relief, and an increase in self-confidence.

Many people don’t think of Intuitive types as enjoying an activity that demands as much physical coordination as dance. Many INFJs love dancing and turn graceful when there’s music. It’s probably not the most popular INFJ hobby, but some other INFJs who do also enjoy dance.

3. Outdoor activity

INFJs enjoy spending time in nature, especially alone time. For many INFJs, going for a stroll in the park, sitting on a beach and watching the waves, or trekking in the mountains is both peaceful and exhilarating.

INFJs find solitude in nature to be both refreshing and inspiring. The tranquility and quiet of the mountains, lakes, and woods all encourage people to focus and contemplate on all that is possible, real, and lovely in the world.

INFJs have a strong desire to travel and discover new things. INFJs have a highly fulfilling inner world and are frequently engrossed in their own imagination. The INFJ's capacity to investigate their own magical inner thought permits them to stand in for the genuine thing.

They like the opportunity to try new things, however they may prefer to plan these outings. INFJs frequently like traveling and seeing different cultures, as well as having the opportunity to learn. They appreciate discovery but aren't fond of being thrown into anything on the spur of the moment.

4. Music

Music is a wonderful way to unwind. Music, with its instruments, chords, and voice, communicates thoughts, ideas, and emotions in ways that no other medium can. It may catch and duplicate all of the cacophony and fury of an INFJ's thinking, validating and affirming them all at once.

Many INFJs like creating or listening to music. This becomes one of other INFJ hobbies. Even those of us who aren't very great at generating music like listening to it, and there are many brilliant INFJ musicians who create music, sing, or play guitar, piano, or another instrument.

5. Writing

This is another frequent pastime among INFJs. Their preferred writing themes and forms include fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Some INFJs write just for themselves, while others share their work with an audience.

INFJs like analyzing oneself, and journaling is a habit that allows us to do so through writing. It's also a technique for us to put our feelings and thoughts on paper so they can be dealt with more easily.

6. Crafting 

There are just too many crafts hobbies to list them all, and INFJs appreciate a wide variety. Jewelry making, glassblowing, soap making, flower arrangement, and furniture repair are just a few of the arts-and-crafts-related INFJ hobbies.

Many INFJs like fiber arts such as knitting, crocheting, and quilting. Some people also manufacture their own clothing or sew for special activities, such as visiting a craft fair.

Knitting and crocheting are two of the most popular fiber crafts, and they are also two of the least expensive to begin with. Smaller items, such as dishcloths, caps, and scarves, are simple to master and make excellent presents.

II. INFJ Interests

1. Getting Coffee with a New Friend

INFJs frequently appreciate deep, intellectual discussion. Despite being introverts, INFJs thrive on excellent talks.

INFJs often like stimulating interactions that go beyond politeness. It may take a few tries to locate the right person, but once you do, you'll realize how much you need other people in your life.

INFJs appreciate extensive discussions with intellectually interested people. They like discussing philosophy, psychology, religion, and a variety of other "taboo" topics that many people avoid. They like asking questions, seeking answers, and learning about other people's perspectives on the world.

2. Archery

INFJs can learn to hone a skill that is distinct from everything else they may encounter or do. Naturally, once they begin, they will get addicted to the point of obsessing over shooting the next arrow, but take it slowly and create goals for yourself to gauge development.

3. Gaming

Many INFJs like playing games (video games, board games, etc.) in small groups of friends or by themselves. INFJs frequently love cooperative, RPG, or storytelling games in which the emphasis is on interacting with people or participating in a narrative rather than on competitiveness.

4. Cultural Events

Many INFJs like attending cultural events, particularly those held in a more private or peaceful atmosphere. INFJs like live theater, concerts, festivals, and other such activities. Many people like viewing movies, whether at the theaters or at home.

5. Researching

Favorite topics might vary greatly, but psychology, history, philosophy, and other social sciences appear to be particularly popular fields of study among INFJs who love research as an INFJ hobby.
INFJs enjoy a diverse range of hobbies, but only those that are personally meaningful to them. They frequently have scientific interests while also enjoying things like romantic books.

INFJs are not limited to one specific thought and are often interested in areas that appear to have nothing in common. This isn't because they want to impress others; INFJs are both educated and sensitive. They appreciate things that are entertaining and even geeky, but they also enjoy learning about new subjects that broaden their horizons.

6. Volunteering

INFJs are frequently altruistic people who like assisting others and/or have a strong drive to advance issues they care about. Volunteering is a terrific opportunity for INFJs to use their talents to make the world a better place, and it may even become one of INFJ hobbies.

Volunteer work would really assist INFJs a lot, especially if they are caught up in their own ideas. When the INFJ spends too much time thinking on themselves and their own life, it might make them sad and cause them to overthink things. They care about others and desire to make a bigger difference in the world.

It will be immensely fulfilling for the INFJ if they get the opportunity to volunteer and see how their activities touch people in need in a favorable way.

7. Yoga and Meditation

Many INFJs love adding spiritual and/or mindfulness practices into their daily life. Yoga, meditation, and similar practices are popular INFJ hobbies.

INFJs are the sort of people that frequently have their thoughts racing throughout the day. This may even interfere with their sleep at times since they are unable to quiet their busy brains. INFJs can benefit immensely from meditation because of their continual spinning of thoughts. Simply emptying their brains for a few minutes each day can help them relax.