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INFJ Characters

Do you want to be inspired by some of the most well-known INFJ anime characters of all time? Some of the INFJ characters on this list will give you a better idea of what an INFJ hero or villain would look like!

I. The overview of INFJ characters

Discovering one's personality type is a profoundly validating experience for many INFJ individuals. It informs us that we are not alone or odd - that there are other individuals who think and feel the same way we do. Good fiction may achieve something similar by introducing us to people with whom we can identify. 

Because Introverted Intuition is their major function, INFJs have much higher EQ and are capable of comprehending people and emotions in general.

Whereas INTJs are generally concerned with themselves, INFJs can be observed assisting others in difficult situations. They are known as 'advocates,' and they can easily guide you along the proper route with exceptional precision and have a lot of money invested in them and are highly interested in them.

There's something really motivating about seeing your personality type embodied in a film or book. Seeing other characters who are your type might inspire you to think about how you could use your type wiring more effectively. With that in mind, here are eighteen of the most unique and noteworthy fictional INFJ characters.

II. INFJ Anime characters

1.Norman from The Promised Neverland

Norman is an orphan who is awaiting adoption into his permanent home. One day, the truth about his existence is discovered, and he and his siblings must find a method to escape to freedom. Norman highlights the INFJ's strategic, long-term thinking, as well as their empathy and "others first" approach.

Regardless of how difficult circumstances become, Norman prioritizes the well-being of those around him before his own comfort. Because of the complicated, far-reaching schemes he devises in his head, he is able to outwit practically any opponent. His awareness and insight into people are considerably above his years.

2. Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Academia

Izuku Midoriya (one of the INFJ characters), a visionary and caring man, has built his whole life around one goal: to be a hero who offers hope and peace to everybody. Midoriya (or "Deku," as he is commonly known) enjoys taking his time to plan his next move, as is characteristic of INFJs.

Unfortunately, extra time isn't always an option on the battlefield. Throughout the series, we witness Midoriya grapple with his lower Extraverted Sensation and learn to respond rapidly in the face of terrible enemies. Midoriya's compassion, imaginative concentration, and strategic manner of thinking are all excellent characteristics of a healthy INFJ superhero.

3. Armin Arlert from Shingeki no Kyojin from Attack on Titan

Armin Arlert, who is invested in humanity's future, will go to any length to have a positive effect on the world and safeguard his friends. On the battlefield, he may appear calculating, but he is also incredibly sympathetic and empathic. Even though murdering is the most rational thing to do, he fights with it. 

After a bloody battle, he frequently becomes visibly distraught. He is adamant about never losing his humanity or becoming callous to the sorrow of others, including his opponents. If you're an INFJ who struggles with shyness or poor self-esteem, Armin Arlert's experience in the program will encourage you as he dealt with the same issues.

3. Mikaela Hyakuya from Owari No Seraph

Mikaela is one of the three protagonists in the series (the renowned INFJ characters) and has been consistently characterized as an INFJ owing to his ability to see through the intentions and motivations of other characters. He had been a joyful youngster from childhood, but after his family was ruthlessly murdered, he became cold, aloof, and separated from everyone.

He possesses superhuman skills such as mending lethal wounds due to his dual status as a vampire and a Seraph.

4. Sugawara Koshi from Haikyu!!

Sugawara, who has a little mole near his left eye, is a talented volleyball player. During gameplay, he has outstanding control of the ball. Aside from that, you'll constantly see him rallying the squad and cheering them on when things go tough. This is one of the characteristics of the anime INFJ characters.

5. Naomi Misora from Death Note

Naomi Misora is a former FBI agent who is well-known for her investigative abilities. Despite the fact that she only plays a minor role in the Death Note series, her presence is vital. Misora has keen insights into other individuals, namely Light Yagami. Her capacity to see under the surface allows her to outperform even L in logical reasoning.

Misora is extremely clever, yet her strong emotions can occasionally get in the way of her research. She feels things profoundly, as do most INFJs, especially when it comes to the people she cares about. Light Yagami is aware of her flaw and exploits it.

6. Falco Grice from Shingeki no Kyojin

Falco Grice's life has always been difficult, as we can see from the beginning of Attack on Titan season 4. Falco is an Eldian child who has settled in Marley's territories. He aspired to be a fine Marleyan soldier and one day inherit the armored titan.

Falco, as an infj, feels responsible for helping others, and he has attempted several times to save Gabi from life-threatening circumstances.

7. Sosuke Aizen from Bleach

Sosuke Aizen, a polite and smart INFJ, is an excellent example of a nasty INFJ. Aizen appears kind and polite on the exterior, yet his interior is manipulative and cunning. The fact is that he will go to any length to attain his objectives and aims, including manipulating people's emotions or murdering them. 

Aizen sees life as a chess game, and it would be difficult to comprehend his ideas without viewing the finished result and retracing to see how one move triggered the next until the objective was reached. He has a great vision of how the world should be and emotionally manipulates others to persuade them to agree with his designs.

Unhealthy INFJs might have a similar "ends justify the means" mentality in life. While they may appear nice and welcoming on the exterior, they may be hiding more calculated, manipulative methods behind the surface.

8. Yuki Sohma from Fruits Basket

Many INFJs will identify with Sohma's challenges in the social arena at school. While he looks to be polite and pleasant on the surface, he is plagued by profound emotions of insecurity and loneliness. He struggles to control the sensory environment around him, as is characteristic of INFJs. 

His room is frequently a wreck, and he makes practical blunders on a regular basis because he is preoccupied with concepts and thoughts rather than the concrete world around him. He desires friendships but is sometimes uneasy and self-conscious when initiating conversation.

He desires friendships but is sometimes uneasy and self-conscious when initiating conversation. If you're an INFJ who has struggled with shyness, poor self-esteem, or trauma in the past, he could be a very relevant character for you.

9.  Itachi Uchiha from Naruto Shippuden

Itachi, from a series dear to the hearts of many vintage anime lovers, is a lifelong student, as seen by his actions. Itachi has expressed an interest in becoming a good Ninja and putting a stop to the never-ending battle and carnage since he was a youngster.

He was calm, educated, and humble, and he always conceded defeat when it was thought appropriate. Itachi, despite his idealistic nature, was a mass killer and a member of the Akatsuki clan. He had always been endowed with extraordinary strength and abilities.

III. INFJ Disney characters

1. Elsa from Frozen

For a long time, I didn't believe Elsa could be typed. In the first Frozen film, I believed her character was too engulfed by pain and a quest for survival for her actual personality to show through. However, with the release of the second Frozen picture, I became more aware of her INFJ tendencies. 

As Elsa's life settles, she finds herself yearning for something more — a deeper meaning in her existence beyond family game evenings and village customs. While she cherishes her family and friends and takes her obligations seriously, she has an insatiable desire to explore the unknown.

She wants to learn how the universe works and discover the truth about her own life. She is compelled to piece together hints and insights into the underlying meaning of things. Many INFJs will identify with her drive to please others as well as her quest for intellectual clarity and independence.

2. Pocahontas from Pocahontas 

INFJs are sometimes referred to as social chameleons because they have the capacity to mimic the personality types of the individuals they meet. This isn't done because INFJs are deceptive; rather, it's an attempt by the INFJ to make the other person feel more at ease with them. Making others feel welcome is something the INFJ is all about, and it reminds us a lot of Disney's adored Pocahontas. 

Pocahontas just wanted everyone to get along, even while the rest of her people were opposed to fraternizing with the white man. She's inquisitive, independent, idealistic, and always looking for deep, meaningful relationships, not just with other people, but also with the world and her role in it.

3. Lisa Simpson from The Simpsons

One of the other INFJ characters is Lisa Simpson. She is principled and has strong moral convictions about which she is passionate and vocal. Beginning in 1995, she was far ahead of the rest of us in her vegetarianism! Lisa is an intuitive who lives in a household of sensors, and it's evident that she frequently felt like the odd one out.

III. Other INFJ fictional characters

1. Remus Lupin from Harry Potter

Lupin, who is deeply perceptive about individuals, rejects his classmates' established teaching techniques in favor of personalised ones. He has the ability to notice things about other people that they are unaware of about themselves. He gently encourages his students to their full potential without being overbearing or coercive. 

He appears to assist kids in discovering their worth without them even realizing it. He is sensitive to other people's sentiments but fails to advocate for himself, at times gladly surrendering his teaching position to protect his students. His understanding of people, as well as his genuine warmth and compassion for others, place him squarely in the INFJ camp.

2. Atticus Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird

Because of his conviction in the equal value of everyone regardless of their exterior look or skin color, Atticus Finch becomes a role model for his children. Finch understands human nature and will go to any length to battle for his vision of a better society – even if he feels equality will most likely never be achieved in his lifetime. INFJs that are emotionally mature and determined may identify with his calm, concentrated persistence - even when he is mocked or rejected.

They will also connect to his belief that every human, whether a little kid or an adult, is worth attempting to understand. His attention to the larger picture, his treatment of all individuals with decency and respect, and his empathy for every person are qualities that all INFJs should strive for.

3. R’As al Guhl from Batman Begins

Let's hope you don't really identify with this guy because he is, after all, a villain. R'As al Guhl is motivated by a clear vision of a better future. Unfortunately, he believes that the aims justify the methods and would go to any length to make that vision a reality, even if it involves murdering innocent people. 

R'As al Guhl is an amazing mentor figure. He understands how to encourage and inspire others, but his hidden objectives and long-term methods are more internalized (thanks to the introverted nature of his intuition). His intensity, long-term vision, and understanding of human nature make him the archetypal INFJ villain.

4. Pi Patel From The Life of Pi

Pi Patel is driven by a desire to comprehend the underlying meaning of the world around him. From religion to zoology, his mind is filled with questions and a desire to bring all of his ideals together. In classic INFJ form, he effortlessly perceives alternative points of view. 

This is why he may fall in love with so many different religions: he is pulled to the wonder, power, beauty, and various viewpoints of each religion he discovers. He effortlessly identifies with other people, and his sense of curiosity, along with his knowledge of biology, keeps him alive for the 227 days he spends in the Pacific Ocean.

5. Sam Winchester from Supernatural

Sam Winchester is an idealistic and brilliant hunter of supernatural darkness. Dean admires his brother's ability to develop quick connections and insights. He does, however, struggle with his conscience and a profound sense of remorse over murdering - even if he is slaying demons. He frequently exhibits clairvoyant tendencies, foreseeing future events before they occur. 

INFJ characters have a talent for forecasting future occurrences and possibilities since Introverted Intuition is their primary function. Sam is a nice, caring, and protective person most of the time. He's a perfect illustration of an INFJ character struggling to reconcile his dark and light sides.

6. Lady Galadriel from The Lord of the Rings

Galadriel possesses great perceptive powers that distinguish her from the rest of the elves. She has the ability to look into people's hearts and predict their motivations, feelings, and unique potential. She uses her talent to soothe, advise, and gently mentor individuals toward their long-term goals.

She is a staunch supporter of the forces of Good and Light, and she thinks that love knows no bounds or constraints. She believes in Frodo when others do not, and she has a big heart and a lot of pity for the poorest animals in Middle-earth.