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INFJ Career Matches

Advocates prefer INFJ career matches that coincide with their ideals above ones that bring prestige and money gain. These individuals may perceive ten radically different routes forward, each with its own set of benefits. There are eleven INFJ career matches in a number of fields that might be a suitable fit for them.

I. The INFJ at Work

1. Ideal INFJ career matches

INFJs like meeting new people and getting to know their workplace. Though they like working alone, they also value creating connections with people over time and would likely thrive in the company of individuals who are also attempting to form relationships with others around them.

The importance of consistency and predictability cannot be overstated. INFJs want consistency in order to feel secure and at ease at work. Because of their judging mentality, the decisions they make are based on their own judgment, and they filter the input they get depending on how they view things. However, because they are strategic and thorough thinkers, they frequently see through an issue to its heart.

INFJs generally take a supportive role in groups, preferring not to be the center of attention. Because of their emotional sensitivity, they are very observant, which allows them to understand where skills lie and seek to promote involvement from all.

INFJs are charismatic leaders. Their personality qualities favor a helpful, rather than dictatorial, management approach. They tend to garner respect for their work ethic, principles, and devotion, while also developing the talent of others.

The finest INFJ career matches are ones that provide this caring personality type a feeling of purpose and allow them to contribute to a humanistic or environmentalist cause. Having said that, the INFJ personality may excel in a creative field.

2. Uncharacteristic INFJ career matches

Others have hurt or rejected persons who fit into these MBTI categories. They want to be respected by others and may grow angry if they do not appear to be liked. INFJ coworkers should go out of their way to make them feel welcome and at ease.

Consider others to be breaching their ideals. INFJs may grow annoyed when others act in ways that contradict their principles. INFJs dislike it when people compromise their convictions because they have a strong moral compass that influences their decisions.

INFJs make excellent members of diplomatic teams. They take into account the perspectives of all parties involved and seek to create a collaborative common vision.

Groups with conflicting personalities are not a good fit for the INFJ since they are uncomfortable with conflict, but they play an important role when working in a caring community.

II. 10 Best INFJ Career Matches 

1. Counsellor

Because of their capacity to develop personal relationships and their empathic temperament, INFJs are ideally suited to this career. They are good listeners, and their insight provides them with a profound grasp of human emotions. The profession of counsellor also appeals to their desire to help others.

2. Scientist

A profession as a scientist might be a good fit for an INFJ. This personality type thrives in calm work areas such as laboratories. The intellectual challenge of a profession in the scientific sciences appeals to INFJs as well. Chemist and environmental scientist are two examples of suitable science-based occupations for an INFJ.

INFJs are motivated by an underlying desire to serve mankind and make the world a better place to live. Research-based jobs will offer these folks with the order, structure, and tranquility they need to develop a new idea, product, or concept that will have a good influence on the world.

Jobs such as epidemiologists, environmental scientists, pharmacists, and geneticists will largely fit them since they have extremely prominent intellectual traits combined with moral standards and concern for others.

3. Writer

Because they are excellent communicators, INFJs frequently seek creative occupations. They are capable of writing everything from scripts to famous blogs to short tales and books. INFJs are astute communicators who add wit and intrigue to whatever piece of communication they come across.

INFJs have the qualities needed to flourish as authors since they are very creative and imaginative. Their reclusive personalities and fastidious habits allow them to spend time alone while producing high-quality material.

Content writers, bloggers, copywriters, novelists, and technical writers are all examples of writers. Whatever employment route an INFJ takes, research is usually an important component of their daily activities. Writers must also have a firm knowledge of their chosen language as well as a large vocabulary.

A technical writer's responsibilities also include clarifying difficult texts and creating supporting resources such as instruction manuals and how-to guides.

4. Teacher

The teaching profession is one of the most difficult for INFJs to enter. While this personality type is loving and motivating, introverted INFJs may find it difficult to deal with big groups of students.

They are, nevertheless, best suited to working one-on-one with clients who want more assistance. This component of teaching allows the INFJ personality type to combine their caring nature with their creative brilliance, allowing them to create methods to provide accessible learning to persons with disabilities.

5. Librarian

Libraries house cutting-edge electronic resources and digital records, and competent librarians are trained to identify exactly what consumers want. An INFJ might benefit from working in a peaceful setting as a librarian. This INFJ career match also provides several possibilities for community service, which appeals to the INFJ's helpful and resourceful personality.

Their need to share and convey their ideas can light the spark for development while also allowing them to feel autonomous and in keeping with their principles. Even the library may be an ideal work environment for them since they can enjoy the structure, solitude, and quiet while also being available to others.

6. Artist

INFJs are highly driven when they can put their inner thoughts into a tangible result. Working as an artist enables an INFJ to create concrete manifestations of their thoughts.

Again, this career provides the alone working circumstances that most INFJs prefer while also allowing them to use their creative brains. Furthermore, art often includes a show of emotion, and because INFJs struggle to vocally express their emotions, this is one of the few INFJ career matches that takes advantage of an apparent weakness.

7. Social Service 

INFJs' key qualities are empathy and benevolence, and their popular moniker is Counselor personality, signifying a great capacity to put themselves in other people's shoes.

Because they engage in deep thought and link things to one another, they are frequently seen as a valuable source of counsel and support. Furthermore, they may assist their customers in seeing things from a different viewpoint and focusing on uncovering the root of the problem with a thorough strategy on how to accomplish so.

8. Charity Worker

Because INFJs are enthusiastic about helping others, there may be no greater professional option than the charity sector. Because philanthropic organizations operate in a wide range of fields, INFJs can pursue a career supporting a cause of their choosing, an enticing option for a personality type that works best when focused on something in which they are really involved.

9. Entrepreneur

An INFJ is most suited to working in a firm that shares their values and views, and one of the greatest ways to do it is to start their own.

An INFJ can devote their entire concentration to accomplishing their goals if they want to live the life of an entrepreneur. They may also utilize emotional intelligence to motivate their staff to reach their maximum potential.

10. Lawyers

Even if a corporate atmosphere is not their preferred environment, working as entrepreneurs or business owners might help them accomplish their goal of adding a personal touch to what they do.

Their sophisticated, creative thinking works on establishing a business that serves people rather than just making money. According to them, prosperity is attained when other people enjoy the advantages they provide.

Non-profit work or lobbying in humanitarian groups allows people to apply their abilities and solve specific concerns. They also enjoy connecting with communities for a larger purpose and assisting people in need.

III. Career matches for INFJ Types to Avoid

The stress of the business environment, politics, and sales may be especially taxing on these people, leaving them feeling dissatisfied and hollow.

Specific titles, monetary incentives, and fame can never satisfy them if they do not contribute to a greater cause or benefit society. As a result, highly corporate environments, particularly those with strict hierarchical structures, are unfavorable for the INFJ.

Because INFJ personality types are best fulfilled by meaningful occupations that effect change, any industry that is exclusively focused on financial gain should be avoided. INFJs should avoid any position that compels them to sacrifice their moral beliefs.

1. Finance

INFJs are often uninspired by money difficulties unless they are related to a subject they care about. The nature of the sector, which requires employees to spend a significant amount of time working with statistics and data, contradicts their desire to actively contribute to a greater good.

Furthermore, the top INTJ occupations include creativity and innovation. The repetitive framework of a job in finance would be monotonous and unrewarding for this personality type.

2. Customer Service

INFJ personality types are unsuitable for jobs that need regular engagement with people from all walks of life. Customer service also entails giving remedies to what INFJs may consider minor issues. They would find no enjoyment in this line of work and would rapidly grow disillusioned with their INFJ career matches.

3. Managers 

Managerial work is frequently unorganized and chaotic, and it necessitates a large number of social connections and self-promotion, which contradicts the fairly introverted INFJ personality.