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ESTP Characters

This list of ESTP characters will do exactly that, looking at fictional characters who come under one of the most ambitious personality types of all: the ESTP.

I. The overview of ESTP  characters

Because of their daring identities and innate feeling of confidence, ESTPs are among the most captivating Myers Briggs personality types. These "entrepreneur" MBTI personality types are frequently portrayed in the media as exceptionally capable, confident, forceful, and action-oriented.

These are the world's entrepreneurs, persuaders, and doers. They have a lot of energy, are great socialites, and like improvising in any setting, relying on their own abilities to look at details and read the room to guide their judgments. 

There are many noteworthy ESTP characters who reflect this personality type, and we've highlighted a few of them here!

So, who do you suppose the ESTP characters are?

II. ESTP  Anime characters

1. Denji from Chainsaw Man

Denji is outspoken and straightforward. His character in Chainsaw Man is full of uninhibited comments and an undisciplined personality. He expresses himself completely, even if it isn't the kindest or best thinking to have at the time.

And, when it comes to doing his work, he doesn't consider much beyond completing the task at hand unless otherwise ordered. He blends in perfectly with the other ESTPs here.

2. Tsunade from Naruto

Tsunade has the ability to be both fierce and threatening. She is fast to respond to any circumstance she is confronted with, which often involves striking out in anger at others.

She is prone to take chances and has been a victim of a harmful gambling habit for some years. During this period, she drifts from place to place, accruing more debt and avoiding those she owes.

Tsunade, as one might assume, does not strictly follow regulations, preferring to bend them to her advantage. During her tenure as Hokage, even if some may perceive her decisions to be dangerous, she argues and implements her internal reasoning despite any objections.

As is customary with Ti users, she is frequently portrayed fighting with people under her rather than rejecting them outright. She is critical, cynical, self-conscious about her looks, and avoids displaying personal feelings in public.

3. Noi from Dorohedoro

Noi is an important character in Dorodedoro and one of the best ESTP characters in the anime world. When she enters the room, it's difficult to miss her because of her outgoing demeanor. She's gregarious and kind to everyone, yet she won't hesitate to murder if that's what her duty requires.

She doesn't pause in any aspect of her life and isn't scared to go right into the action. While she may not be the most attentive and may forget who she has previously met, she always treats everyone with kindness and a smile (again, even if she has to kill them).

4. Meliodas from Seven Deadly Sins

Many people label Meliodas as an EXTP, yet he really exhibits a lot of Ti. Meliodas, for example, typically makes tentative, non-committal answers and seldom uses concepts like right and bad unless defending someone else.

People seldom know what he's thinking, and he rarely shares his emotions with anyone, including those close to him. He's normally polite and sociable, but if he feels like it, he might abruptly descend into mischievous or harsh conduct.

While he has a long-term aim, he lives mostly in the now, not speculating about the future once he has decided on a course of action, which usually consists of just moving in a given direction.

Meliodas is very protective of people close to him, and he is prone to erupting into a frenzy when one of them is injured or threatened.

5.  Satori Tendou from Haikyuu!!

Tendou is a scary blocker who has earned the moniker "Guess Monster" from his teammates. Tendou is recognized in Haikyuu!! for his quick intuition as he watches players and their habits, making guess blocks based on that.
Tendou, an ESTP character, is known for her experimenting and improvisation at work, and she does exactly that with volleyball. Though his teammates and other players may perceive him as intimidating, he is an outgoing individual.

6. Master Roshi from Dragon Ball

Master Roshi is a martial arts coach whose training technique is highly practical, focused on helpful actions that assist out the neighboring area, such as milk delivery, farming, and building, which not only exhibits the sensor in him but also his Fe. 

His instruction is also extremely dangerous, to the point that he appears to be unconcerned for the lives of his trainees. He teaches that martial arts may help you live a more pleasant existence. 

He's definitely motivated by his own sensory instincts, which lead him into problems all the time. Roshi is jovial, at the back, and calm, pleased with having people around at his place all the time. 

His Ti manifests itself in the way he stresses learning things out for oneself over enforcing foundations, a known fighting style, or rigorous tactics.This is the characteristics of ESTP characters.

7. Yoruichi Shihōin from Bleach

Yoruichi is audacious and forward-thinking. While maturity has taught her to control her acts, she is nonetheless impulsive. Yoruichi prefers to deal with situations as they arise. 

She is unconcerned with the activities of others, and while being in a position of authority, she is not dominating. The over-studious temperament of one of her employees amuses her, although she does feel obligated to reprimand her for thinking too much at one point. 

Yoruichi is generally cool and collected. She despises standing on formality and is uninterested in formal titles, which is typical among Ti users. She emphasizes that competence is more important to her than politeness. 

Yoruichi teases, flirts, and likes making others laugh. She is, however, a team player who can be incredibly encouraging when she wants to be.

8. Yusuke Urameshi from Yu Yu Hakusho

Yusuke is a person who is outspoken, reactive, and analytical. In Yu Yu Hakusho, he has a risky lifestyle and prefers to jump before looking. When it comes to battles, he always looks for the toughest opponent to put himself against in order to test and improve his own strength.

Despite the fact that he rushes into battles, he takes the time to learn about his opponent. He recognizes that each fight is unique and may necessitate the use of different skill sets on his side. However, this does not prevent him from being the first to swing.

9. Mugen from Samurai Champloo

Mugen is unquestionably an ESTP, the great choice in the list of ESTP characters. He's volatile, impulsive, and nasty, and in many respects resembles an anti-hero. He adores fighting and is always beginning new ones. He's a fierce competitor who isn't afraid to accept any challenge that comes his way, as long as it benefits or entertains him.

Because of his background, he is fiercely anti-authority, which is not unusual among STPs. Due to an arrangement he grudgingly made, he spends the most of the series working alongside two others.

In fact, after all is said and done, he wishes to finish a battle to the death with one of them. However, as the program proceeds, he gradually learns a great respect for both of them, and by the conclusion, they all peacefully part ways.

10. Katsuki Bakugou My Hero Academia

Katsuki Bakugou, or the Baron of Explodo-Kills, is one of the most explosive and outgoing ESTP characters. Young Katsuki is an ambitious hero who isn't scared to speak his thoughts or fight on the front lines.

But don't think of him as a meathead going through the motions. Bakugou, like an ESTP, is always reading the movements at a breakneck velocity and using his knowledge and instincts in tandem to behave re-actively and spontaneously.

III. ESTP  Disney characters

1. Gaston from Beauty And The Beast

Gaston from Beauty and the Beast is by far the most popular and desired person in town. ESTP characters are natural leaders, and they are frequently the most well-known and respected members of their respective communities. Everyone adores Belle's suitor because of his confidence and dazzling good looks.

When it comes to this personality type, their adventurous characteristics naturally attract others in. If you identify with this MBTI®, you will most likely not stop until you have what you desire. 

This is why Gaston will not give up on Belle, and he enjoys the fact that she is a challenge. Nothing makes an ESTP happier than a good challenge.

2. Flynn Rider from Tangled

Flynn Rider is a complete ESTP characters. He oozes charisma, self-assurance, and physical activity. He comes off as haughty to Rapunzel at first, but as they get to know one other more, she realizes that he's much deeper than the version of himself that he loves to project to the rest of the world.

Flynn is a bit of a daredevil, and he occasionally appears to believe that the law doesn't apply to him. Rapunzel, as much as she tries to reject it, finds herself drawn to his aggressive, bad-boy character, which is typical of ESTP guys.

3. Merida from Brave

Another outstanding example of the ESTP characters is Merida from Brave. Despite her mother's aspirations for her daughter to be more ladylike and decent, Merida refuses to conform to conventional expectations.

ESTPs are naturally extremely energetic people who enjoy getting up and exploring their surroundings. This generates some conflict because Merida is expected to act like a Princess, yet this is not the ESTP's natural way of behaving. To be adequately aroused, they require activity, excitement, and adventure.

4. Tramp from Lady And The Tramp

The Tramp from Lady and the Tramp is the epitome of a Disney "entrepreneur." Unlike Lady, he declines to settle down as a pet, where he must be cooped up all day and obey his owners' commands. 

The Tramp craves freedom above all, which is something that most ESTPs aspire for.

He needs to be out in the open, discovering all of life's thrilling little tidbits. Sure, it makes things a little riskier, but this personality type would rather take their risks while living a little than play it safe. 

Tramp would rather live in a world without "leashes" and "fences." He'd rather go for a stroll on the wild side.

IV. Other ESTP  fictional characters

1. Scarlett O’Hara from Gone with the Wind

Scarlett O'Hara is one of the epitome of an ESTP characters: strong-willed, flashy, and always looking for attention. Margaret Mitchell's immortal "Gone with the Wind" heroine is a rich heiress who knows what she wants and will go to any length to have it.

Scarlett loves being the center of attention, always flirting and participating in shallow relationships until she meets her match in Ret Butler. This signals the start of her internal battle between feelings and pride, which coincides with the Civil War, which would forever transform her life. 

Although she appears to be a spoilt affluent girl, the difficulties she experiences bring out the finest ESTP characteristics in her. Scarlett grows into a strong, sensible, and proactive woman, ready to confront any obstacle that life throws at her. Her determination to attain her objective and return home is inspiring.

2. Tom Sawyer from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

This fascinating figure embodies all of the positive characteristics of ESTP characters. He is amusing, clever, charming, and convincing. Many lads desired to be like Tom at least once in their lives for these reasons. 

Tom is a genuine adventurer who does not shy away from perilous locations, people, or circumstances, which gets him in a lot of difficulty with his devoted aunt Pola. Tom has no issue expressing himself, and his harsh honesty may come across as thoughtless and disrespectful. 

He does, however, have a strong attachment to his closest friends and family and would go out of his way to defend them on any given occasion. 

As a result, he readily accepts leadership responsibilities, making difficult decisions in critical moments to rescue lives and combat the enemies.

3. Callie Torres from Grey’s Anatomy

Callie is a charming, extroverted, and adventurous physician who earned a name for herself on the hit television program "Grey's Anatomy." She is a never-ending source of optimism and energy who thinks that there is always a solution to every difficulty. 

Callie is a gregarious and popular person, and people love her company. She is amusing and charming, and while she enjoys experimenting in her personal relationships, when she falls in love with someone, she transforms into a dedicated partner. 

Despite the fact that she had survived several life-threatening events in her professional life, her spirit had not been shattered. Callie Torres became one of the most adored TV  characters as a result of her blend of ESTP characters personality features.