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ESTP Career Matches

The best ESTP career matches capitalize on their aggressiveness and rapid decision-making abilities and include freelancers, CEOs, and sports, as well as emergency response vocations such as cops and paramedics.

I. The ESTP at Work

1. Ideal ESTP career matches

ESTPs' work habits necessitate highly controlled workplaces and micromanagers, which cause them to drown in stress and frustration. They thrive in flexible work contexts that allow them to take ideas and run with them, such as startups and fieldwork. ESTPs are hardworking, fun-loving, and versatile individuals.

ESTPs are also extremely logical thinkers who make significant judgments based on evidence and patterns. They like learning, but prefer to do it on their own terms and on their own timetable. Working amid uncertainty and without a plan does not frighten ESTPs. Instead, they prefer to use their own logic to brainstorm and create their own laws.

Because they are naturally curious about a wide range of topics, ESTPs excel at comprehending how things function. As a result, they frequently do well when it comes to troubleshooting and devising solutions to problems that develop in their surroundings.

2. Uncharacteristic ESTP career matches

ESTPs prefer to be on the go. They become bored and restless when they are forced to sit for extended periods of time. This might make it difficult for them to accomplish things since their drive will dwindle the longer they have to sit around doing the same thing.

Because their motivation comes from taking action and moving forward into new chances, ESTPs may find it difficult to consider things through before they execute them. 

As a result, they may find themselves rushing into something without considering the ramifications of their actions, which might lead to issues later on.

ESTPs don't like it when others get too near to them. They can be dismissive of emotions at times and hence may not flourish in more compassionate, people-focused positions. Nursing, education, and psychology are examples of such ESTP career matches that they should avoid..

II. 10 Best ESTP Career Matches 

1. Creative director

ESTP personalities, like other Sensing types, are in sync with everything about them, absorbing beauty from nature, people, cuisine, or fashion. They appreciate beauty and seek it in places or things that others may overlook.

For all of these reasons, they have developed a refined sense of style and aesthetic standards, which may be advantageous for the ESTP career matches in the creative business.

ESTP personalities are gregarious and imaginative, making them excellent painters. They adapt well to change, take unexpected circumstances in stride, and respond boldly and effortlessly to them. 

These people frequently have great ideas and a lot of enthusiasm to help take initiatives ahead. They like to take on leadership roles or work on their own.

When you combine the energy and passion of ESTPs for achieving goals in the most practical methods, you have a natural leader who is ideal for the post of creative or art director.

2. Construction project manager

ESTPs have the curiosity and enthusiasm to learn about and apply the numerous essential skills and knowledge to a profession as an industrial manager or coordinator.

This employment frequently provides the physical activity and multitasking that ESTPs seek while also allowing them to achieve rewarding, measurable outcomes at the end of the day.

This employment also necessitates exceptional problem-solving abilities on the job. As a result, ESTPs will have an easier time coming up with creative solutions to challenges. 

Task coordination and improvement are also significant aspects of the profession, making it a good fit for the ESTP personality type.

3. CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

The finest ESTP career matches for this personality type are rarely found in an office. These people are not usually good at sticking to routines. 

However, in other contexts, the ESTP's adaptability and enthusiasm are advantageous in what are generally office tasks. The "entrepreneur" personality type is a natural leader who excels in management roles.

These vivacious individuals may be the most action-oriented personality type on the personality scale. They are prone to taking risks and may venture where other personality types might be afraid to go.

This feature is critical for anybody interested in becoming an entrepreneur and launching their own firm. Running a business may be successful, but it is also a very unpredictable career path with many hurdles along the road.

4. Journalist

Journalism is a field that promotes curiosity and initiative. Furthermore, for outgoing ESTP personality types, developing relationships, identifying sources, and interviewing individuals for articles comes naturally. Their charisma and ability to communicate with others is a plus. Journalism is an ideal professional choice for ESTPs since it allows them to work whenever they want as long as deadlines are fulfilled.

5. Athlete

For various reasons, being a professional athlete may come easy to an ESTP personality. For starters, they have the physical characteristics required to compete in professional sports. They also have excellent coordination and are not hesitant to push their bodies to their limits in order to attain the desired outcomes.

ESTPs are also wired to make risky, spur-of-the-moment decisions that can be the difference between winning and losing a vital match or sporting championship.

ESTPs will gladly accept these tasks, and they have the capacity to think quickly and adapt like no other personality type. These positive characteristics have the potential to make them great and renowned athletes.

6. Paramedic

Paramedics have more thorough training and, as a result, more responsibility than EMTs.

For ESTPs, a job as a paramedic is suitable. ESTPs are not afraid to push themselves because of their competitive attitude, and their ability to think on their feet can save lives.

Paramedics are in charge of delivering medical assistance to those in distress. Their primary objective is to stabilize patients until they can be transported to hospitals. This work may appeal to ESTPs since it entails a sense of risk and the necessity to make quick judgments in order to save lives.

Aside from great communication abilities, paramedics must also be team players and work together with other first responders to complete the task. This high-stress job requires someone who can put their emotions aside and make reasonable judgments based on reasoning and in the best interests of the patients.

7. Police Officer

Being a police officer was among the most extremely hazardous ESTP career matches one can take, so it may be ideal for fearless ESTP types. ESTPs may fit in wonderfully with the police force since they are constantly on the go, seeking for some activity to be involved in. 

Furthermore, they must have highly developed interpersonal and communication skills in order to form trusting connections with their coworkers and the community.

Because they can detect minor changes in body language or facial expressions and read people's intentions or behaviors, ESTPs may be well suited for detective positions during investigations.

Their versatility and great interpersonal skills would also benefit them, since police officers interact with people from various walks of life in a variety of scenarios. 

8.  Firefighter

Firefighters are also first responders in emergency circumstances, extinguishing flames and administering first aid to casualties if necessary. This is one of the most dangerous and hazardous jobs available, and it may appeal to the fiery, action-oriented ESTP personality type.

Firefighters must have remarkable physical strength and stamina, which will not be an issue for ESTP types. They must also have immense courage and a risk-taking attitude. ESTPs like participating in physically challenging activities to demonstrate their fitness and strength. 

In this field of employment, open and direct communication is also a great advantage. Because ESTPs are notorious for not holding back their thoughts, they will fit in well with this work atmosphere.

9. Actor

Acting is an excellent career option for ESTPs who enjoy being the focus of attention. Acting job appeals to creative ESTPs since it allows them to try out different roles and interact with a wide collection of individuals. 

Being an actor necessitates energy and ambition, which coincides with the competitive mentality of ESTPs. The self-assurance, drive, and ambition required for success as an actor would also mesh well with an ESTP's competitive nature.

10. Sales Manager

ESTP personalities that are sociable and talkative may be an excellent fit for a sales manager role. This work necessitates a high amount of social connection with consumers, which extroverted ESTPs thrive at. 

Furthermore, they can readily "read" other people's behavior, making them convincing salesmen who understand what consumers require. Furthermore, this is a dynamic job that entails travel and meeting new people, which may satisfy an ESTP's desire for flexibility and activity.

III. Career matches for ESTP Types to Avoid

1. Accountant

An accountant must be able to work with numbers, budgeting, financial analysis, and thorough records of financial activities. This work may not appeal to action-oriented ESTP types who enjoy being on the move and dealing with unpleasant challenges.

The role's desk-bound routine and frequently lonely character would not suit ESTPs, who thrive in professions that provide social interaction, variation, and some degree of unpredictability.

As a result, individuals may find a profession as an accountant to be excessively constricting and monotonous. This means that an ESTP accountant may become easily frustrated by this "boring and average" career, quitting it to pursue the next great thing.

2. Academic

Sensitive ESTPs will avoid long talks centered on abstract concepts. This personality type has Introverted Intuition (Ni) as the fourth, inferior cognitive function, which keeps them from obsessing over future possibilities.

ESTPs are more focused on the current moment, which needs immediate action, despite the fact that they may utilize their intuition to think about the future.

They are likely to find an academic atmosphere excessively rigorous, and they may become tired of having to linger on abstract notions for extended periods of time.

3. Psychologist

For a variety of reasons, this very demanding, people-oriented occupation may not be the best fit for an action-oriented ESTP personality. For starters, psychologists are concerned with comprehending and interpreting people's emotions.

Because ESTPs have a Thinking preference rather than a Feeling preference, they struggle to understand the significance of feelings; instead, they prefer to adhere to ideas and facts. This personality feature also impacts their straightforward communication style, which causes them to look unpleasant and insensitive at times.