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ENTP Hobbies

Because of their inherent desire to lead others, ENTPs are often known as commander personalities. Let's take a look at some of the most popular ENTP hobbies.

Hobbies are an important aspect of personal growth, and the sorts of hobbies that you love and benefit from are heavily influenced by your personality type.

If you are an ENTP on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, chances are your wandering mind makes it difficult to find an intriguing activity that stays. Bright, easily bored, and insatiably curious, ENTPs seek tasks that are both difficult and rewarding. Whether you prefer the creative or logical side of the spectrum, the five suggestions below might help you find new ways to enjoy your downtime.

Aside from ENTP jobs, ENTPs might benefit from adding a side business or two to their income portfolios. ENTPs prefer to work alone or with little supervision, and the more diverse your income stream, the better off you will be. Because ENTPs like competition and strive for achievement, many activities that are competitive or require engaging practice are ideal for them. ENTPs are also terrific show-offs who enjoy being the center of attention, therefore activities that can be shared or celebrated with others are perfect.

Popular hobbies for the ENTP include debating, writing, art appreciation, playing sports, computers and video games, travel, and cultural events.

There are ENTP hobbies that will help you to better express your personality and the quirks and other qualities that come with it if you are an ENTP.  

I. ENTP Hobbies 

1. Join a Debate Team

Debating is one of the appropriate ENTP hobbies. ENTPs prefer meaningful talks over casual chats because they are always probing deep under the surface. While they are eager to hear fresh points of view, they are hesitant to accept them without careful consideration. This distinct blend of skepticism, openness, curiosity, and the capacity to perceive different points of view is what makes them brilliant conversationalists in any setting.

Some ENTP persons like the mental exercise of studying and rewriting arguments; joining a debate team at school, work, or online may be precisely what they need to add some spice to their daily routine.

Because of their intelligence, passionate concentration, ENTPs are drawn to a variety of areas, including debate. These do not do well under a lot of constraints, therefore controlling the floor and expressing their processes of thought is excellent for them.

ENTPs are not easily irritated or agitated, and they respond favorably to criticism, so as much as they like winning, learning from their mistakes may be just as satisfying.

2. Writing

Debating in public isn't the only technique to explore familiar topics in novel ways on the list of ENTP hobbies. If some ENTPs aren't comfortable speaking in public, writing may be a great creative outlet for them, providing a never-ending stream of intriguing thoughts and ideas.
The pre-writing stage is a favorite among ENTP authors. They could come up with a lot of fantastic ideas rapidly. They trust their intuition and oppose prescribed techniques since they are often adept at identifying patterns and picturing results. They may find the writing process tiresome, but if they continue, their pastime is frequently detailed and complex.

The objective is to discover a pastime in which they can be passionate. Because ENTPs despise being tied down to repeated activities, informal venues such as blogging or journaling are more appealing to them than organized long-form writing.

3. Inventor

Even if they do not consider themselves artists, ENTPs are outstanding makers. They may excel at a variety of design disciplines, such as video game design or even architecture. Even if they do not pursue a more traditional creative side, ENTPs are gifted individuals.

ENTPs are nature's ultimate problem solvers, capable of finding unconventional answers to complicated issues at breakneck speed. When their work or academic schedule does not allow for much independent thought, they might feel happy and healthy by allowing their out-of-the-box thoughts full run at home as their ENTP hobbies. Their ingenuity may be put to use in a variety of ways, such as learning how to develop an app or design a website, taking up carpentry, or producing jewelry.

4. Taking to the Stage

Even if the theater has never been some ENTP people professional calling, they might be surprised to learn how much acting or singing as the ENTP hobbies that suits their natural energetic, friendly and open-minded personality. Their innate ability to seamlessly step into someone else’s shoes with no preconceptions or judgments means that they have a natural talent for acting and can choose from a variety of roles. Plus, it helps that with beginner-friendly choices ranging from amateur plays at community theaters to laid-back comedy improvisation groups, taking acting classes before they start is totally optional.

5. Singing or Playing an Instrument

Because of their wit and charm, ENTPs are outstanding entertainers. ENTPs often love being performers since it provides them with enough opportunities for development and change. They don't feel stuck in this sort of profession since it provides them with so many various options. If they do not wish to be a performer (as a career), they can transform it into an ENTP hobby.

ENTPs like polishing a talent, therefore if they devote enough time to practicing a musical skill that they are truly enthusiastic about, it will not be long until they are a prominent performer. These types also enjoy being the focal point of the group, and presenting in front of a crowd comes naturally to them.

Learning to sing or play an instrument is a talent that usually needs a significant amount of devotion, time, and practice. Although many ENTPs may be put off by the amount of effort necessary for this pastime, they have the potential to convert it into their primary show. The key for ENTPs in this situation will be to learn to master the details.

6. Art appreciation

ENTPs are excellent art critics, but they are typically impatient to go from one endeavor to the next. Because ENTPs detest sitting stationary for lengthy periods of time, they are continuously exploring and trying new things. As a result, one of the most popular ENTP hobbies is art appreciation.
The ENTP may not be able to focus on one topic for long enough to complete a beautiful painting, but they are highly inventive. They are frequently excellent at collaborating with others in order to create something genuinely remarkable.

II. ENTP Interests

1) Vlogging

Vlogging is similar to blogging, only that we do it largely through video. If ENTPs like making films and chatting to themselves on camera, they should try channeling their creative side and editing high-quality videos to share their activities with the rest of the world. People enjoy status updates, and uploading entertaining videos may be a pleasant pastime to pursue.

2) Playing video game

ENTPs are generally strong video game players who can keep up with the more difficult games. They appreciate being able to push themselves to be better, and they embrace the challenge that comes with gaming. ENTPs are frequently interested in a wide range of games and enjoy the fact that they have so many alternatives. Finally, ENTPs are capable of becoming good gamers and, in many cases, are the sorts who compete. However, some ENTPs may grow sidetracked and finally lose interest in gaming.

3) Playing Sports

They have more naturally fluid motor motions than left-hemisphere xNTJs since they are dominant right-brained people. ENTPs have the potential for exceptional bodily flexibility and quickness on their feet. Their least developed inborn bodily talent is gross motor proficiency (of the possible four). As a result, sports will be a wonderful addition to the list of ENTP hobbies and interests.

ENTPs are high-energy achievers who excel in logical abstraction, specializing in the creation of intellectual game plans. Their opponents are caught off guard by their masterful attack preparation. ENTPs are well-known in athletics for their comic and wacky personalities, which amuse spectators and sports media. (However, they are capable of being serious athletes.) ENTPs, like NTs, have a tremendous will to win and may produce great amounts of energy and willpower.

4) Vising cultural/pop events

ENTPs are frequently knowledgeable of pop culture and don't mind keeping up with current events. They will appreciate being kept up to date on current cultural happenings, but they will not pretend to like something just because other people do. 

ENTPs frequently go from one thing to the next and might become easily bored. This might lead to the ENTP discovering new items before they become popular. This capacity to see patterns distinguishes the ENTP from many other personality types. The ENTP, on the other hand, has already moved on to something new by the time many things become popular.


A new and thrilling experience is exactly up an ENTP's alley. Some of these ENTP people may consider traveling outside of the nation, or even visiting a new city close by that they have never visited before, or exploring and discovering more about the beautiful world they live in.
For this personality, being emotionally and physically fulfilled requires more than just pushing oneself artistically outside of school and job. It's also about fulfilling their curiosity about how the world works by learning more about it whenever possible.

ENTPs are natural-born explorers with inquisitive minds that thrive on unique experiences, and they don't have to look far to find them. Discovering new everything their own village has to offer can be as interesting as taking a trip abroad. Whether it's visiting an international flea market, trying an unfamiliar cuisine, or immersing yourself in a different culture through dance classes, exploring everything their own community has to offer can be as interesting as going on a trip abroad.