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ENTP Characters

Today we look at 30 fictional ENTP characters. ENTPs are dynamic individuals who are fearless characters that aren’t phased when things don’t go to plan.

I. The overview of ENTP characters

ENTP characters are energetic individuals who like nothing more than delving deeply into a topic that they are enthusiastic about. ENTPs are notorious for questioning established methods of doing things and for playing the devil's advocate.

The beauty of ENTP characters is that they love seeing arguments from all points of view, and their quest for information means they are willing to learn and alter their minds.

ENTPs have a dry, sardonic, and occasionally dark sense of humor. ENTPs are among of the most intriguing and charismatic people of the 16 MBTI personality types. People who identify as "debtors" are always ready for a challenge, and they are the ultimate badasses who will stop at nothing until they attain eternal grandeur.

II. 10 ENTP Anime characters

1. Bulma – Dragon Ball

Bulma, a character from the Dragon Ball Z anime series, is another classic ENTP protagonist - she has several personalities and doesn't attempt to disguise them, but she's also highly intelligent and analytical. She does, however, prefer to make snap decisions from time to time, indicating that she is most likely a Ne dom.

In general, she embodies the qualities of the ENTP characters without deviating too far from the norm; she is a responsible and balanced individual who cares about others and uses her research skills to assist others.

2. Shigure Sohma – Fruits Bask

Shigure Sohma does not appear to be an ENTP at first – he is sluggish, grumpy, and generally irritating – but as the story develops, he reveals himself to be a completely different person on the inside. Although he is not the brightest, he is perceptive and strives to think rationally.

In general, he is a sign of a perceiver since, despite his views, he does not appear to be the type to pass judgment; his accessible demeanor allows him to learn more about people.

3. Osamu Dazai - Bungou Stray Dogs

Dozai, who is creative, inventive, and risk-taking, survives his own odd suicide attempts while uncovering highly difficult riddles and murders. His irreverent style of humour and fun but cunning manner impress and irritate his fellow agents. Dozai is frequently mislabeled as "slow" in typical ENTP characters, despite the fact that his intellect is constantly busy. His fast, nimble intellect may be utilized to perform pranks as well as identify flaws in his opponent's preparations.

4. Orochimaru – Naruto Shippuden

Orochimaru, one of famous ENTP characters, is in the Naruto Shippuden anime series.   His actual objective is to know everything, yet despite this, he continues to emit more of the vibe of You than of You, at least in terms of communication abilities. Despite favoring intuition over senses, it does not make decisions based on hunches.

In general, he is the self-assured and confident kind, never too fast to make a choice but never too sluggish to lose an opportunity.

5. Ryuk - Death Note

Ryuk, a Shinigami, indirectly offers Light Yagami a Death Note just because he is bored and wants to watch what happens. This is an excellent example of ENTP character. Repetition, regularity, and predictability are the banes of Ryuk's life, and many ENTP characters will fully understand this quandary. 

Ryuk, unlike other Shinigami, does not want to waste his life on meaningless, monotonous activities. He wants to satisfy his curiosity and sense of adventure by exploring what humanity would do if they had control over life and death. Although he is not the most completely developed character in anime, he is a great illustration of ENTP inquiry.

6. Zero Two – Darling In The Franxx

Zero Two, the central protagonist in the Darling in the Franxx anime series, is another character that does not appear to operate as an ENTP but begins to make more sense as one as you learn more about him.

In overall, her desire to be needed makes her a Ne dom, but she doesn't get ahead of herself - even if she isn't clever, she strives to make rational judgments.

7. Hanako - Jibaku Shounen Hanako-Kun 

Hanako, as the head of the Seven Mysteries, seeks to preserve the balance between the human and spiritual worlds. Mischievous and inquisitive, he taunts the pupils he meets and looks for unusual methods to make his existence as a ghost less dull and monotonous. He's astute and resourceful, never back down from a task, and capable of devising unexpected solutions to his problems.

8. Konata Izumi – Lucky Star

Konata Izumi, one of the main protagonists in the Lucky Star anime series, is a classic ENTP.

While she disagrees with someone else, or even when fighting with herself, she attempts to employ logical reasoning; nevertheless, despite her personal views, she is also highly extroverted, energetic, and loyal. She is, in many ways, a textbook example of a Fi blind Te dom.

9. Izaya Orihara – Durarara

Izaya Orihara is the main character of the anime Durarara, a series that, by the way, is particularly well suited to the ENTP personality type.

He frequently demonstrates ENTP characteristics; conduct decisions based on your principles, and consider the pros and disadvantages before picking one side. He is not frightened of social contact, and she always knows what to say since she is a fast mind.

10. Hange Zoe – Shingeki no Kyojin

Hange Zoe from the Attack on Titan anime series is the clever and confident "lead man," but because she is prone to share her thoughts with others, she is probably more of a Te dom than a Ti dom, which converts to an ENTP.

Based on her success in the Corps of Inspectors, she appears to have some belief in her abilities and respects that others do as well.

III. 10 ENTP Disney characters

1. Esmeralda - The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Esmeralda is an outgoing person who enjoys being the focus of attention. She has a sharp wit and a great sense of humor. She is a powerful persona that is not hesitant to assert her authority in a given circumstance. She frequently sees what needs to be done and works hard to attain her objectives. She is kind and wishes to assist people in need.

2. Jack Sparrow - Pirates of the Caribbean

Jack Sparrow may be the poster boy for the ENTP personality type. From his clever wit to his overpowering charm, he embodies all of the "debaters'" most interesting characteristics.

Jack, like most individuals who identify as ENTP, gets bored easily and need continual variety to remain stimulated. Captain Jack can't be confined to a traditional way of life, which is why he's always exploring new locations and getting into mischief. 

3. Jane - Tarzan 

They are obsessed with acquiring all of the knowledge and intelligence that they can get their hands on, even if their quest for fresh information is deemed "uncouth." Given that the film takes place in the Victorian era, Englishwomen at the time were banned from engaging on such perilous excursions in the forest.

And they were very probably discouraged from conducting as extensive study as Jane conducts. She was defying conventional standards, and her quirky, open-minded demeanor is reminiscent of the ENTP characters.

4. Vanellope - Wreck-It Ralph 

Vanellope from Wreck-It Ralph is a quintessential ENTP character, and it helps that she's performed by Sarah Silverman, a fantastic ENTP comic. She is funny, which is typical of her personality type, which enjoys going into jokester mode and making fun of life in order to deal with the boring parts of daily existence.

Vanellope is noteworthy because she is both clever and cunning, which are two of the most commendable ENTP characters.

5. Simba - The Lion King

Our favorite cartoon lion appears to represent a number of ENTP personality characteristics. Simba has always been a lively and suave lion, whether he's a young cub or a full-grown lion.

To the chagrin of Zazu, who values order above all else, he sees the forest as a vast playground for him to make havoc in. Simba is cool, calm, and collected, yet he's also a joker who enjoys living a risky lifestyle. He will confront any challenge head on, and we feel he might be a member of the "debater" group because of all of these characteristics.

6. Aladdin - Aladdin 

Another great example of a Disney character that fits ENTP personality characteristics is Aladdin. The fact that they are always going against the grain is what makes this MBTI so distinctive.

This gives them the appearance of rebellious troublemakers since they virtually never comply to the system, but it is actually because to their desire to question traditional conventions in society as much as possible. In Aladdin's world, he is seen as a thief, despite the fact that he just steals to survive.

7. Hades - Hercules 

Hades from Hercules, played by James Woods, is arguably the most engrossing character in the film. He is the one who draws us in the most and keeps us going back to him. Despite being the film's antagonist, he is the most lovable character since he is such a delight to watch.

Hades is easily enraged because the people around him just cannot keep up with his level of intelligence. That is a classic "Debater" moment.

8. Peter Pan - Peter Pan

Peter Pan despises the system and everything deemed civil/conventional, which is why he moved to Neverland to be a child forever. Because of their fun pranks, an ENTP will always have a youthful spirit no matter how old they become.

Some may label them as scatterbrained and aimless, but they're simply enjoying their lives in a way that most of us only hope we could. They get the most out of life because, like Peter, they aren't afraid to take bold chances.

9. Alice - Alice in Wonderland 

In Alice in Wonderland, Alice is an incredibly imaginative young girl who yearns for a life that is out of reach. As we can see from the beginning of the Disney film, she has a difficult time focusing on the ordinary things of daily life.

She fantasizes of a world full of talking flowers and babbling brooks, a world full of danger, excitement, and adventure. Any ENTP would be enthralled with Wonderland since this personality type is fascinated with intellectual stimulation and problem solving. She even performs a song about getting into trouble all the time, which might be the ENTP anthem.

10. Robin Hood - Robin Hood 

Robin Hood is astute, attractive, and cunning. People are drawn to his daring personality, and the thief is always outwitting the people (or animals) around him.

Although we may want to chastise Robin Hood for stealing, his motives are noble since he is taking money from the affluent and giving it to the needy. His unorthodox manner of thinking appears to be indicative of an ENTP personality type.

IV. Other ENTP fictional characters

1. Barney Stinson - How I Met Your Mother

His amazing sense of humor and ability to employ self-irony even in difficult situations make him one of the most well-liked television characters. Barney, a creative playboy, utilizes his ENTP flexibility to organize several plays in which he successfully courted women. He is a party-loving novelty seeker who frequently seeks to persuade Ted into participating in his complex plans.

2. The Joker - Batman: The Dark Knight

The Joker sees opportunities and innovative ideas all around him. He has a keen feel of what is going on behind the scenes and is adept at reading people and their intentions (thanks to his intuition and his tertiary Extraverted Feeling).

The Joker thinks outside the box, and while he appears to spout gibberish and play with people's minds with ease, he has an internal set of logical rules that he adheres to even when no one else can.

3. Anne - Green Gables

Anne Shirley is one of the ENTP characters that is completely motivated by her imagination and sense of what is possible. She is often rash, but she believes in standing up for her principles and views even when others laugh or despise her. She gives significance and beauty to the world around her because she sees things that others do not.

4. Tony Stark  - Iron Man 

Tony Stark's head is always humming with possibilities and ideas for bettering the future. His rapid-fire verbal jousting, like that of other ENTP characters, may get him into trouble, but it's his inventive creations that set him apart. Tony Stark can see a way out even in the most dire of situations. In fact, the sense of being confined sometimes allows him to think more imaginatively than he would otherwise. 

5. Wizard Howl - Howl’s Moving Castle

Wizard Howl yearns for a life of independence and creativity. Like a skilled magician, he can transform into a huge beast with black feathers if he feels threatened or just wants to escape an unpleasant circumstance. Despite his flaws, Howl is a kind-hearted and patient individual who appears to have a “live and let live” approach to life. It isn't until later in the film that the audience realizes how clever, lovable, and compassionate he can be. Like many ENTP characters, he expresses his deeper sentiments through deeds rather than words.

6. Fred and George Weasley - the Harry Potter films and books 

The irreverent, lighthearted attitude of the ENTP personality type is captured by Fred and George Weasley, who are mischievous and intelligent. Fred and George are ambitious, but they are more interested with starting their own businesses than with getting perfect marks at Hogwarts.

While they can quickly read people and win them over with their pleasant, funny demeanor, they prefer logical reasoning when making judgments. They are more concerned with attaining their goals and experimenting with thoughts and new ideas than with making others happy and meeting their expectations.

7. Pippi Longstocking - Pippi Longstocking

Pippi Longstocking was a revolutionary in the way she challenged conventional beliefs about how females should behave. Pippi regularly points out the absurdity of societal norms and protects youngsters from adult rules that she finds useless.

She's also quite self-sufficient, living off a sack of gold coins and always looking for new adventures (and getting into trouble as a result). Pippi's anti-authoritarian, free-spirited personality will appeal to any ENTP characters.

8. Meriadoc “Merry” Brandybuck - the Lord of the Rings series

While Merry and Pippin are both viewed as largely amusing scoundrels in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Merry is undeniably the more pragmatic of the two. Merry, in true ENTP manner, is willing to try everything, motivated by his curiosity, and remarkably courageous and calm in the face of turmoil.

Though he enjoys having fun and going on adventures, he realizes the severity of the fellowship's position. His reasoning acts as a stabilizer, allowing him to remain grounded when necessary. When life is less stressful, he is able to enjoy the Extraverted Intuitive-dominant type's curious, novelty-seeking, adventurous character.

9. Tyrion Lannister - Game of Thrones

Tyrion Lannister is strategic, independent, and perceptive, and he understands how to utilize his intellect to stand his ground amid others who look down on him. In classic ENTP fashion, he has no regard for authority or status, preferring to socialize with whores and commoners over royalty most of the time.

ENTPs comprehend rank systems and hierarchies, but they love defying them and rationally dismantling the arguments of those who support them. Tyrion's innovative, clever strategy mixes with comedy and quirky appeal to make him one of television's most famous ENTPs. Personify the ENTP characters.

10. Patrick - The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Patrick, who is charismatic, impetuous, and restless, goes through many of the difficulties that LGBTQ teenagers endure in high school. Being misunderstood and bullied is a fact he's had to adjust to, and he sadly attempts to deal in a variety of unhealthy ways. Despite his difficulties, Patrick has amazing insights into people, acceptance of others, and a yearning for a world beyond his town's typical, small-minded ways.