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INTP Career Matches

INTP personality characteristics lend themselves particularly well to specific businesses. There are 10 INTP career matches in a variety of disciplines that might be a good fit for them. 

I. The INTP at Work

1. Ideal INTP career matches

INTPs demand a lot of personal freedom at work. They thrive on their own and like collaboration from people who respect their boundaries. When asked to work closely with others, they may become nervous or too quiet, especially if they do not know their coworkers well.

INTPs are most delighted and stimulated when their peers are independent, open to blunt or direct criticism, and have a thick skin.

INTPs are capable of thinking outside the box and do not need to rely on time-tested ways to solve problems. They can perceive things from a variety of perspectives, which assists them in professions that demand creative problem solving and the ability to spot patterns.

INTPs are also inherently innovative, capable of coming up with fresh ideas and ways. This is why some INTP career matches that allow them to be creative while also challenging their intellect will be far more gratifying for the INTP.

2. Uncharacteristic INTP career matches

INTPs can make decisions without considering the emotional consequences. They may also make decisions without taking into account the psychological resonance of others, which can cause tension among employees.

Most of the time, INTPs are not the most sociable individuals and can be a little reserved among others. They keep a lot to themselves, thus dealing with INTP career matches that immerse them in social settings would be unsatisfying for them.

INTPs are also highly analytical, which may be both a strength and a weakness. This may sometimes lead to them overthinking things, therefore they require ways to digest these ideas or some type of release to avoid from overthinking to the point of fatigue.

INTPs are capable of working in a variety of fields, but it is critical that they pick one that does not leave them weary at the end of each day. They require something that challenges and thrills their intellect while also providing them with a creative outlet.

INTPs may find themselves settling for something that does not truly inspire them, therefore it is critical that they take the time to delve deeply into their own feelings and aspirations in order to make the best decision for their futures.

II. 10 Best INTP Career Matches 

1. Engineer

INTPs love seeing a problem from a different angle, using their creativity to think up new solutions. Engineers often work on one project at a time, giving it their full focus until they have reached a satisfying conclusion that they can prove works.

They are unlikely to be tasked with implementing the finer details of this solution, which suits INTPs perfectly.

INTPs can work alone to break down complex problems, drilling down into the separate parts and thinking through solutions for each, as well as providing a detailed plan of action.

An element of engineering that is likely to appeal to an INTP is the ability to specialize in a particular field based on their preferences. Chemical, mechanical, and aeronautical engineering are examples of common engineering fields.

2. Professor

INTPs typically make good instructors because they like delving into study and information. They may have spent years researching and learning about a subject, so their expertise is something they wish to share with others.

Being able to educate and share what they have learned with others is generally more advantageous for the INTP at a higher level, such as a professor. They must be able to collaborate.

While it may appear to others that the contact and social element of the INTP is exhausting, in this scenario it does not leave them feeling nearly as tired. Being able to utilize their intellect and assist others in reaching these conclusions is far more satisfying and fulfilling for the INTP.

3. Lawyer

Although INTPs may need to work on their communication and interpersonal skills in order to pursue a career in law, the logical and analytical nature of the work itself is ideal for this personality type. An INTP takes pleasure in their intelligence, therefore they will gladly devote the time and dedication required to learn as a lawyer.

A competent lawyer must follow stringent regulations and protocols, which might be claustrophobic for an INTP who values independence and autonomy. However, if they can overcome this obstacle, they will most likely be highly successful in this profession.

4. Information Security Specialist

An information security analyst is in charge of identifying and testing flaws in software programs, as well as finding solutions to these issues. They must plan ahead of time to anticipate threats and respond promptly to actual attacks. This appeals strongly to an INTP's inherent analytical and methodical thinking.

5. Web Developer

INTPs are frequently drawn to professions involving computers and online work. For them, there are several complicated issues to solve and information to discover. It keeps their thoughts occupied, and they appreciate the occasional obstacles within these disciplines. When anything becomes too dull or routine, the INTP becomes genuinely dissatisfied with their ideal INTP career matches.

Working as a web developer provides them with a variety of alternatives and experiences, which keeps them interested. Having these many jobs to accomplish and complicated systems to solve might keep the INTP challenged in the correct ways. They are frequently naturally competent at these sorts of occupations, and it is certainly satisfying for them to be able to accomplish the chores and challenges and be someone to whom people look for assistance in these areas.

6. Computer Programmer

When it comes to coding and computer programming, INTPs are frequently naturals. Whereas others may struggle or fail, they discover that their minds can truly understand this procedure.
They have the chance to work through these more difficult challenges, which keeps the INTP's intellect stimulated. They will frequently find themselves highly rewarded by this job, as they will have the opportunity to really push themselves and keep their brains challenged in novel ways.

Coding and development are seen as relatively complicated and challenging fields to work in, which will appeal to an INTP who values their intellect and intelligence.

INTPs are excellent computer programmers due to their attention to detail and willingness to get to the bottom of an issue. They may test a software deliberately and thoroughly, looking for flaws, discovering solutions, and simplifying procedures.

7. Artist/ Animator

Some individuals may be surprised to learn that many INTPs are also artists. Their minds may be preoccupied with complicated issues and scientific study, but they may also have a creative side that enjoys things like graphic design. The fact that INTPs are inherently creative people with vivid imaginations draws them to these sorts of INTP career matches.

Many animators are INTPs, which deal with problem solving in a creative way. They frequently go outside the box and come up with creative approaches to create animations. It is another job that allows the INTP to work with computers, but in a genuinely inventive way that allows them to express their more artistic qualities.

This may be a very satisfying profession for the INTP since it typically allows them a lot of flexibility to do things their own way without always feeling like their employers are stifling their creativity.

8. Business Analyst

An INTP's analytical talents can be put to good use as a business analyst. They may utilize their talents to analyze complex problems, but they can also use their imagination to come up with solutions and simplify procedures.

The investigative nature of the work allows the INTP to devote their whole attention and dive thoroughly into the topic at hand, which they will like.

Businesses that specialize in IT can be excellent places to work for an INTP because the industry is fast-paced and ever-changing, which means there is less chance of becoming bored or uninspired.

9. Author

The proclivity to become totally immersed in a project is ideally suited to a vocation as an author. The INTP will be able to generate multiple original ideas, consider them, narrow them down, and choose one to pursue. The rigorous research phase and ideation that follows are frequently done in isolation and with complete attention - the ideal combo for the INTP personality.

Many great authors with big ideas, such as Richard Dawkins and Charles Darwin, were INTPs.

10. Musician

Climbing to the top of a profession as an INTP who is talented musically might entail writing music, organizing musical events, and managing musical organizations like as orchestras. The INTP personality has inherent leaning toward the flexibility and creativity required to thrive in this professional path.

The early years in this sector may feel constraining owing to a lack of flexibility and control, but once into the levels of producing, composing, and directing, the INTP can find considerable work satisfaction in this field.

III. Career matches for INTP Types to Avoid

Despite being well-suited to a wide range of occupations, the INTP's personality characteristics indicate that they are incompatible with some professional choices.

They dislike menial or boring activities because they want to work freely and without constraints. If their originality is inhibited or they are micromanaged, an INTP persona will not be able to perform well or even stay in the position.

As a result, highly corporate organizations, particularly those with tight hierarchical systems, are unsuitable for the INTP.

1. Retail 

Retail will always be difficult for INTPs and other introverted personality types. It is extremely taxing for the INTP since it does not leave them feeling gratified, but rather terribly frustrated.

Working in sales or retail might feel pointless to the INTP since it does not push them in the proper ways. It also exposes them to continuous social situations, which are likely to tire the INTP and lead them to become irritable and tense around others.

2. Secretary

Secretarial job may be very taxing for the INTP because it is frequently sociable and requires them to answer to someone else. Having to continuously attend to the needs of others is not one of the INTP's strong suits. It exhausts and irritates people in stressful ways, rather than challenging them positively. 

Even if they have to work under someone else, having to answer to others isn't always a suitable decision for the INTP. They require some independence, and often secretarial job does not provide enough room for them to feel at ease.

3. Monotonous 

Anything that is repetitive or tedious is likely to be a job that the INTP should avoid. They end up disliking their work since they don't have any alternatives or freedoms. INTPs require jobs that are both challenging and changing on a daily basis. 

Working in a factory or having to repeat the same chores is at the very bottom of the INTP's job options. This is why most office occupations are suffocating for INTPs and are not a suitable fit for them or their careers.