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INTJ Hobbies

Popular INTJ hobbies include reading, photography, music, computers, yoga, video games, sports,...

INTJs are among the most uncommon Myers-Briggs personality types. They are introverts with a strong desire to succeed professionally and a strong desire to learn. INTJ is an acronym that stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Judging. This personality type enjoys pastimes that allow them to explore their intellectual and artistic interests, preferably alone or with a small group of trusted companions.

INTJs like any activity that allows them to pursue their interests, challenge themselves intellectually and have control over how much (if any) social connection they participate in. Fortunately, there are a variety of activities that meet these requirements.

Because they are hardworking and have a logical and methodical way of thinking, INTJs are frequently referred to as masterminds or architects.

What are some additional INTJ hobbies and interests? They will love attending cultural events, reading, and participating in independent activities such as swimming, marathon running, or hiking.

Following are the most common INTJ hobbies:

I. INTJ Hobbies 

1. Writing

INTJs frequently like writing-related activities. For enjoyment, they may write poetry, journal, create fiction stories, or write research papers.

Writing needs critical thinking abilities as well as creativity, both of which INTJs possess. Writing may not have the analytical value of some of the other occupations mentioned, but it speaks to the intellectual side of an INTJ because it needs a high degree of intelligence. After all, authors must put ideas together in a way that others can grasp.

Writing helps INTJs to be creative while also being logical. They can also operate alone and do not have to collaborate with huge groups of individuals. They may take their work with them wherever they go, allowing them to digest their deep ideas without interruption. Writers, who frequently work as freelancers, may choose their own schedules while producing well-researched and precise content under tight deadlines. As a result, writing is one of the finest INTJ hobbies.

2. Art

INTJs frequently love pastimes that test them both physically and cognitively. Many people like the discipline and physicality of martial arts.

INTJs like painting, drawing, graphic design, photography, and other creative artistic endeavors. Even INTJs who do not create art may develop an interest in art appreciation and like visiting museums, galleries, and art fairs.

Many INTJs like channeling their creative energies into art. It allows kids to experiment and be creative without having to engage in a lot of needless social contact.

The great thing about artistic hobbies is the wide range of options available that can suit one’s individual strengths. Some might like to take up pottery, painting, jewelry making, calligraphy, or sketching. There are so many options.

INTJs are likely to bring innovative ideas to traditional mediums and get a lot of personal satisfaction from art projects. Because INTJs are not afraid of a challenge. They relish the opportunity to learn something new and tinker with their craft. Art is a great vehicle for that.

3. Reading

Many INTJs are voracious readers, and not only because they like researching and learning. They'll read a lot of non-fiction, but they also like fiction, especially if it's a fantastic mystery or sci-fi novel that piques their interest and creativity.

INTJs have a hunger for information, and with the introduction of internet book clubs, it's simpler than ever to locate a group of individuals who share your interests and like reading. Furthermore, it helps INTJs who despise idle conversation to interact with others in meaningful ways.

4. Music

INTJs have a wide range of creative INTJ hobbies. Many people talk about playing musical instruments, and many people love music-related cultural events such as attending concerts or musical theater performances.

Another gratifying activity for INTJs who enjoy a challenge is learning a new musical instrument. Because of their strong independence, many INTJs will proudly pursue "self-taught musician status," while professional training are not out of the question.

They may even choose to attend YouTube University to learn the basics. Cultural activities and the arts are very important to INTJs. Music is no exception and would be an excellent pastime for this individual.

5. Photography

This pastime might easily be included in with other forms of "art," but we've split it out because of its unique attraction to INTJs. They are drawn to the technical aspects of photography and love the flexibility it gives them to pursue artistic endeavors on their own. INTJs are well-known innovators who are unconcerned with pleasing the public. They have a unique perspective on the world, which transfers into their photography in intriguing ways.

While other personality types may be put off by the technical aspects of using a professional camera and mastering photo-editing software, INTJs are drawn to the challenge. It's a perfect match!

6. Sports

Everyone has to be physically active in order to keep healthy and sharp. Independent sports are one of the best INTJ hobbies for this unusual personality type. There are several alternatives available. Weight lifting, jogging, golfing, swimming, or cycling may be activities that you like depending on your hobbies or ambitions.

If some INTJs want to push themself to be more sociable but want to restrict the amount of engagement, they may try tennis, boxing, or joining a yoga class. Another worthwhile exercise to explore is martial arts. Many practices' discipline appeals to most INTJs, which plays to their strengths. 

II. INTJ Interests

1. Logic and strategy games

INTJs enjoy a good intellectual challenge. They may be drawn to independent games such as conventional puzzles, zebra puzzles, and other enjoyable brain games that can satisfy the INTJ's need to stretch their mental muscles. Jigsaw puzzles are an excellent hobby for INTJs. They will improve their reasoning abilities by doing puzzles, and they will appreciate this hobby on long winter nights. Puzzles are also a great family activity.

Furthermore, INTJs may like chess or strategic board games such as Risk Catan, Scrabble, or any number of other classics. These games, of course, cannot be played alone, but they do appeal to the INTJ's interpersonal nature and may be enjoyed with other like-minded people.

Many INTJs appreciate a good intellectual challenge. Sudoku, chess, and other games that challenge their logical side can be excellent INTJ pastimes.

2. Computers and gaming

Several INTJs love electronics-related activities. These are frequently computer-related activities, but they can also include HAM radio, timepieces, remote-controlled airplanes, and other gadgets. Many INTJs love coding, programming, and game creation as INTJ hobbies.

INTJs frequently like playing video games. They may also like gathering with small friendship groups to play strategy, skill, logic, or imagination games. One INTJ I know, for example, likes video games ranging from Sims to The Witcher, specialist board games such as Carcassonne, and is a member of a tabletop RPG club.

3. Watching Movies and TV

Many INTJs like watching movies and television. Some people just like the storylines, while others are fascinated by the filmmaking process, while others are drawn to a certain genre of television, such as anime, and yet others are drawn to non-fiction programming as part of their interest in continuing education.

4. Yoga and Meditation

As they mature, INTJs typically realize that they enjoy activities that engage their tertiary Introverted Feeling. Yoga, meditation, and other mindfulness exercises can assist INTJs in de-stressing and reconnecting with their own beliefs.

5. Home Organization

TJ personalities want things to be organized in the outside world, and for some INTJs, this means converting a love of organizing into a pastime. Many people like cleaning and organizing their houses, as well as getting rid of stuff they don't need. I recently read a discussion between two INTJs about how one of their favorite pastimes is tossing stuff away.

6. Gardening

Gardening is a gardener's dream! It is not only excellent for your physical and mental health, but it also provides INTJs with the creative freedom and seclusion that they frequently desire. Good gardening is highly reliant on intuition and a grasp of the delicate science of plant growth. This is not an easy task, as anybody with a green thumb knows.

The calm that comes from caring to growing things, cloning their plants by taking cuttings, and creating superior ingredients for cooking are all parts of gardening that INTJs may like. Plants are finicky creatures. Understanding the beautiful alchemy of soil type, water, shade, sunshine, and pruning plays to the INTJ's distinct talents.

7. Cooking 

Why not try your hand at cooking or baking if you're an INTJ foodie? INTJs enjoy activities in which they can totally immerse themselves. Many people love baking, brewing, and other gastronomic crafts. One of the most popular INTJ hobbies of creative introverts is spending time in the kitchen creating unusual meals and creating distinctive taste profiles.

8. Outdoors activities

INTJs have an extremely cerebral nature. Spending time outside is an excellent approach to cultivate that characteristic. Hiking, foraging, kayaking, or canoeing are all activities that INTJs and their fellows could like.

Getting outside particularly appeals to INTJs' natural curiosity. It's a fantastic activity to think about because there's so much to uncover and notice.