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ENFP Hobbies

ENFP Hobbies such as Writing, producing and appreciating art, playing musical instruments, listening to music, and other activities are popular among ENFPs.


Hobbies will provide us happiness, energy, and a sense of meaning. Sometimes we know we've discovered the proper match when we're so engrossed in what we're doing that we don't even notice the passage of time.

Even while ENFPs are invigorated by being with others, they also require time alone, which they typically do through activities such as reading literature, producing artwork, playing a musical instrument, gardening, or writing. 

Participating in community work or being a part of a community theater are two activities they like doing with others.

ENFPs like to live life with flair and passion, and they value self-expression and personal independence. Creativity, learning, friendships, family, and community involvement are among their personal values.

ENFPs are generally artistic in appearance and can develop a unique and distinct personal style. They are commonly found in education, the arts, counseling, and religion.

The best ENFP hobbies are ones that allow them to take a break from changing the world and recharge.

I. ENFP Hobbies 

1. Painting

ENFP personality types are extremely inventive and unique, and they are drawn to many different genres of art. Painting is a popular artistic outlet for people of this personality type, and it is one of the best-suited ENFP hobbies. There are many various forms of painting (pastels, watercolors, and oil-based paint), so the hyperactive ENFP is not bored. It also allows you to be expressive, which is quite essential to this MBTI personality type.

ENFPs were constantly interested about the world, about what was going on around them, and about discovering potentials and visions. They may also convey their individuality and personality via their paintings, which is a wonderful example of how ENFPs can exhibit Fi through creative methods.

2. Freelance Writing

ENFPs are very expressive communicators who can readily combine their sense of humour with their command of the written word to produce very interesting and captivating stories. These characteristics endow the ENFP with a talent for writing, and many of them seek writing as a means of expression.

Writing is unquestionably one of the ENFP hobbies that appeal to their "feeling" side and allow them to share their creativity with the rest of the world.

There are several writing styles and genres to choose from. For example, journalism, writing, and researching what is going on in the world, as well as creating novels. Start writing down your thoughts if you are an ENFP, because you are an extremely creative person.

3. Composing

ENFPs are frequently creative, personable, and out of the ordinary. They are generally people-oriented, and they may be great songwriters and energetic entertainers. They are frequently great improvisers and many like being in the spotlight.

Their music varies from lighthearted, seductive, and entertaining to contemplative, passionate, and uplifting. ENFPs, in particular, have the most energy in the start of a project, when inspiration first strikes.

These traits will result in an ENFP with creative interests, with one of the ENFP hobbies being becoming a composer.

4. Sculpting

This one will probably take a little more time, perseverance, and dedication than other ENFP hobbies. But if these ENFPs keep on practicing little things, they can become the next Michelangelo.

Start working on the clay and make simple figures. As will their level of confidence rises, they can easily start processing different materials.

5. Calligraphy

Have you ever considered producing your own greeting cards? Calligraphy will provide an excellent platform for you to do so. Calligraphy is one of the suitable ENFP hobbies to pursue in your spare time if you are an ENFP. You don't need much equipment at first; all you need are special pens, paper or cardboard, and a desire to create.

ENFPs, on the other hand, may grow easily bored and hop from one thing to the next without completing it. This makes them interesting and passionate individuals, but it also causes them to lose interest in particular things or interests. If the ENFP is enthralled by a really intense experience, they will be able to stay concentrated on their creativity in the current moment.

6. Listening to music

ENFPs find solace and inspiration in music that expresses their emotions, moods, or boosts their spirits. Music listening is a boundless pastime that may become a way of life. Explore and discover new bands and artists in their favorite genre. Then branch out into other genres and go deeper into sounds.

Connect with the proprietor of the record store and discuss music. It's evident that ENFPs have a deep connection to the musical world, even if it's only listening to the radio.

7. Photography

Nowadays, virtually everyone owns a smartphone, and every smartphone includes a camera on the back. As an example of one of the intriguing ENFP hobbies, some ENFPs always have a camera handy and can take a fresh photo at any time. 

The wonderful part about photography is that it can be used with any other passion they already have to communicate their feelings with things all around the world.

II. ENFP Interests

1. Mini-Golf

This activity may be a fantastic way to meet new people. The golf course is a wonderful setting for ENFPs to demonstrate their exceptional communication abilities, allowing them to extend their connections and professional opportunities.
Not only that, but golf is one of the attractive ENFP hobbies that ENFPs frequently select to reduce stress during the week. It varies on where kids play, but there are several mini-golf establishments that serve food and drinks to keep them occupied while they play.

2. Skiing and Snowboarding

If an ENFP lives in an area where snow is frequent, they should think about snowboarding or skiing. These are fantastic winter ENFP hobbies for people looking to burn calories in the snow. They will enhance your lower body strength and balance, as well as allow you to relax while taking in the scenery.

Is this hobby suitable for you? Try this test to see which MBTI type you are!

3. Hiking

All ENFPS need to feel happy and calm is to spend some quality time outside. Hiking is one of ENFP hobbies and ways to unwind after a hard day of thinking about life. They will require decent hiking footwear to minimize unnecessary foot discomfort.

4. Journaling

Journaling is beneficial to the soul. As an ENFP, they will most likely spend a lot of time talking and thinking aloud, so this may be a welcome change. If people wish to keep these pleasant experiences, they can record their voices and store audio diaries, or they can Vlog on YouTube or another site.

Traveling is not just about seeing the world, but also about discovering oneself and one's place within it. With each new experience, adventure, and interesting personality they encounter, they learn a little bit more about where they fit in the big scheme of things. What may appear to others as a series of disconnected experiences is actually a life-long trip that they are doing within themselves—each new excursion teaches them a significant lesson and aids in the construction of a more comprehensive worldview.

5. Acting 

Many renowned ENFPs are performers and actresses, as theater and drama are great hobbies for this group. Many ENFPs are fortunate enough to convert their pastime into a professional job, while others enjoy helping at the theater or performing in a local play just as much.

ENFPs have very vivid imaginations, which assists them tremendously in their performing careers. They may frequently conceive so many various scenarios that they almost believe it themselves. ENFPs are creative individuals who like being playful, so acting can be a lot of fun for them.

It's thrilling and pleasant to be able to immerse oneself in another reality and pretend for a time. ENFPs may dislike the actual strain of an acting career, but they might be genuinely brilliant at it. They are pleasant and creative individuals that are willing to try something new and intriguing.

Involvement in theater may range from set design to production to simply taking a few acting classes. Regardless, going to the theater is a fantastic way to channel your ENFP energy.

6. Cooking

If there is anything new and interesting to make, you can bet the ENFP will be the first to try it. While they may cook based on their mood, as in what sort of food they want to eat, if they can, they will always attempt to make something different with it so that it isn't always the same.

They love the novelty of creating on their cuisine, and the recipe is only a guideline for components; the ENFP will then figure out how much or what to modify based on their own intuition rather than the real recipe.

7. Playing an instrument

Music is another highly expressive art form that complements the ENFP personality type. Many ENFPs learn an instrument at a young age because of their inherent temperament and preferences. Whether or if musical instruments are known to you, learning something new is a fantastic activity for this creative group. One-on-one time with a teacher is a fantastic opportunity to connect and share feelings, and music is a soothing method for many ENFPs to unwind after a hard day.