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ENFP Career Matches

Any personality type can be successful in any occupation. However, some ENFP career matches are well suited to this personality trait.

I. The ENFP at Work

1. Ideal ENFP career matches

ENFP MBTI types tend to work well with others who:

  • People with the ENFP personality type value new and inventive ideas. ENFPs are more likely to be happy and comfortable at work when others on their team acknowledge their distinctive concept, allow them to explore new opportunities, and connect with them outside of work.

  • ENFP career matches are those that provide them with the opportunity to work at their own pace. ENFPs value employees who are ready to try new things. They thrive when they are allowed to work at their own pace and to think beyond the box. They typically want to interact with coworkers outside of work, therefore they like to work with people who are interested in getting to know them personally.

  • Furthermore, the ENFP is always innovative at work and helps to the accomplishment of the assignment. ENFPs want to discover their own and others' potential; they also want to find the most efficient and simple way to approach work. For them, the best working atmosphere is one that is centered on people and allows them to express their creativity and ideas.

  • Again, an ENFP's ideal work environment is one that is peaceful and enjoyable, with little restrictions on creativity. The perfect job for an ENFP is one that allows them to explore their inspiration, satisfy their curiosity, and produce solutions that benefit people in unique and creative ways.

  • ENFPs are typically motivated by their humanitarian values and seek ENFP career matches that mirror their principles. They are passionate about aiding others in their own growth. They prefer professions that allow them to pursue personal development and artistic expression as goals.

2. Uncharacteristic ENFP career matches

ENFP MBTI types may hit obstacles in professional relationships when they:

  • ENFP career matches are intended to follow strict schedules. ENFPs desire to be adaptable. They detest being forced to adhere to tight timelines. Coworkers of ENFPs should make an effort to allow them to be more spontaneous.

  • Interpersonal conflict is quite prevalent. ENFPs may find it difficult to cope with disagreements with others. They want to keep the peace and will probably avoid heated arguments. When ENFPs feel at comfortable with another person and can describe themselves without feeling attacked or confused, they are more likely to share their problems.

  • ENFPs detest jobs that have too many limitations and are boring, requiring them to always do predetermined tasks. MBTI types like developing and arranging their own schedules. They are looking for pleasant, non-restrictive tasks and activities that will allow them to express their creativity and engage with others in an unrestricted, supportive environment.

  • Furthermore, ENFPs aren't always the best at following procedures. They like and find it much simpler to look at the whole picture when they are working with others, which may make them a great team member in a variety of professional paths.

  • Certain ENFP career matches, however, where attention to detail is critical, such as cybersecurity, mathematics, or engineering, may not be a good fit for the ENFP. Furthermore, working in an atmosphere that does not allow the ENFP to be active, social, or dynamic may be a difficult alternative for them.

II. 10 Best ENFP Career Matches 

1. Entrepreneur

ENFPs like a challenge and are willing to take risks. They are creative and full of new ideas, which frequently leads to a desire to establish their own business.
ENFPs detest monotony, therefore being in charge of their own job provides them with the personal and creative flexibility they want.

2. Brand Manager

ENFPs have the energy and people skills to be outstanding brand or product ambassadors. Their inventiveness and ability to generate fresh ideas on a regular basis may be used to develop innovative and interesting ways of reaching out to a client base.

This type of position also utilizes the ENFP's ability to lead and create a campaign. Their empathy and people-centric emphasis will translate effectively in a position that involves the ability to relate to the customer's wants and aspirations.

3. Salesperson

A profession in sales is ideal for the vivacious and people-oriented ENFP type. Because they are personable and engaging, ENFPs make excellent sales assistants and supervisors.
Because of the diversity and lack of permanent structure, a job as a traveling sales representative will likewise appeal to an ENFP. ENFPs are good at closing sales and completing new agreements because to their confidence in pitching and presenting, along with their charisma.

4. Artist, or Writer

ENFPs despise structure, therefore a profession as a performer or actor in the creative industry is excellent. This sort of profession allows ENFPs to improve and flourish their talents and style as a performer or artist – which is important to their sense of self, while also providing a clear emotional effect on others.

ENFPs have the enthusiasm and persistence to persevere in the face of the industry's inevitable failures.

5. Teacher

ENFP personalities are ideally suited to positions in some ENFP career matches related to education, learning, and developing. Their communication abilities and presentation confidence make them naturals when it comes to communicating information. Because of their inventiveness, they are also effective at developing exciting lesson plans and assignments.

They love creating a rapport with their pupils and seeing the intellectual growth that comes as a consequence of their teaching and mentoring since they are a personality type that thrives on making relationships and social connections. The ability of an ENFP to stimulate and encourage others finds a home in a teaching job.

Even though they may become irritated with the restrictions connected with teaching on sometimes, it is a diversified job that gives a fresh professional experience every day, satisfying the ENFP's desire to be engaged and challenged.

6. Designer

Working as a designer, whether it be in fashion, typography, home decor, or entertainment, gives ENFPs a creative role that directly affects the people who utilize their goods or places.

ENFPs flourish when charged with understanding the requirements of others, thus they love this interaction between the designer and the customer (or end-user).

Despite their difficulties with detail-oriented work, ENFPs are essential members of any design team. They are enthusiastic innovators, creating new styles and solutions that challenge existing design trends.

7. Social Worker

ENFPs are well-suited to social work because of their ability to relate to a wide range of individuals and their strong communication abilities. ENFPs, who are both friendly and supportive, may break down barriers that other personality types cannot, making others feel comfortable and at ease.

They are effective advocates and campaigners because they have a strong moral compass and a strong desire to effect social change. A profession like this allows ENFPs to make a meaningful contribution to the community while satisfying their inherent emotions of duty to others and society.

8. Human Resources Manager

ENFP personalities benefit from a job in human resources since it allows them to study relationships and social dynamics. ENFPs fit well in roles that require understanding the challenges and points of view of others since they are good at knowing what makes teams and individuals tick.

Dealing with disgruntled employees or informing them of a layoff may be tough, and mediating between the company and its employees can be unpleasant and time-consuming. Regardless, their inherent ability to interact and organize people makes them useful in a Human Resources job.

9. Scientist

ENFPs are drawn to science subjects because they are captivated by the dynamics of human interaction. They are naturally sociable and love creating relationships, therefore studying what drives this phenomenon on a larger scale might give some fulfilling ENFP career matches, such as in sociology or psychology.

They are excellent social researchers with a flair for stakeholder involvement, which is a highly valued ability. Many chances for community involvement work exist inside charities, which links with the ENFP's social conscience.

10. Athletic Trainer

ENFP personalities make excellent athletic trainers because they can channel their enthusiasm towards keeping a team or individual focused on their objectives.

An ENFP who likes science, health, or nutrition can work in a dynamic setting that entails interacting with people, developing team connections, and integrating it with medical and physiological knowledge in a position like this.

Creating diverse training strategies for customers with varying requirements, thresholds, and priorities necessitates the inventiveness that ENFPs possess.

III. Career matches for ENFP Types to Avoid

The following occupations are less likely to please an ENFP and may lead them to feel pressured and tired.

1. Engineer

ENFPs do not have a natural talent for accuracy or detail. Although engineering allows for creativity, problem-solving, and the implementation of novel ideas, engineers must operate within strict time constraints and within a highly organized procedure. ENFPs will feel uneasy and uncommitted to the task if they are required to follow every detail and rigorous regulations.
Engineers must strictly adhere to safety and design criteria. ENFPs may find this work setting restrictive and hate the need for detail.

2. Financial Advisor

People with this personality type like being creative, and ENFP career matches regularly alter to meet ENFPs' imaginations.

ENFPs may find a career as a financial advisor or accountant exhausting since they struggle in repetitious and strict situations. A profession requiring such an intense emphasis on financial detail is likely to grow tedious to a personality that is better suited to occupations that allow for creative expression.

3. Analyst

ENFP personalities thrive in a fast-paced setting where they may draw energy from others, such as a project team, classroom, or a crowd. Despite the significance of their position, the solitude of working as an analyst in a laboratory setting is unlikely to make an ENFP feel happy.