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The Idealist

INFP Career Matches

According to studies, the best INFP career matches are those that are both creative and meaningful to the individual. People with this personality type should work in an atmosphere that is congruent with their strong value systems and moral standards.

INFPs are exceedingly philanthropic and desire their activities to have a beneficial influence on the world. They are thoughtful and kind people who get a lot of joy from helping others. This is why a job in any humanitarian subject is ideal for them. Let's take a look at some alternative INFP career matches for this personality type.

I. The INFP at Work

1. Ideal INFP career matches

INFPs are profoundly empathic and loving individuals. They are also referred to as "behind-the-scenes" employees, probably due to their distinct set of preferences. Because they are introverted, they are drawn to occupations that match their energy levels.
Despite the fact that this personality type appears calm and restrained, they are tremendously motivated by professions that correspond with their own beliefs and allow them to help others. They aren't the kind to continue with a job just because it pays well or affords them a lot of status.

Instead, people are drawn to initiatives that are inspiring, examine the larger picture, and resonate with their personal sense of morality. Their ideal job is in a calm, quiet, and tranquil environment where they may unleash their full creativeness while contributing to a positive change in the world.

Given the INFP's sensitivity to people's thoughts and emotions, any member of their team would enjoy their helpful demeanor. This is also why they may flourish in vocations like as healthcare, non-profits, education, and counseling.

INFPs prefer to be intellectually engaged by their work and to be confronted with fresh tasks to overcome. It is frequently necessary for them to understand that their work is significant and contributes to something beneficial.

2. Uncharacteristic INFP career matches

Any job that puts an INFP in competition with coworkers, creates conflict, or has a monetary aim is not a good fit for this type. INFPs are not motivated by money or prestige, thus a profession that contradicts their underlying principles would be unsettling for them.

Every personality type has the ability to excel in any given vocation. It is preferable, though, if a person's day-to-day employment is related to their interests, abilities, and strengths. If it isn't, this individual is more likely to become unhappy and dissatisfied with their job. INFPs, according to this line of thought, should avoid competitive areas that are exclusively results-driven. They frequently appear to be highly consumeristic, with little regard for the influence they make on a global scale. 

It is critical for this sensitive personality type to feel as if they are making a positive difference in the world, which is why employment like sales, IT, finance, and customer service may not be the ideal fit for them.

II. 10 Best INFP Career Matches 

1. Psychologist

INFPs are naturally gifted in the subject of psychology. It combines all of the greatest characteristics of this personality type, perhaps allowing them to excel in this job. It's no surprise that this personality type is frequently referred to as "The Healer or Mediator."

One advantage of a career in psychology is that it may be quite versatile. INFPs have a lot of latitude in where they develop themselves, from clinical research in a lab to private treatment clinics. Whatever direction they take, they are highly likely to be extremely fulfilled.

Working as a psychologist frequently entails working alone and depending on one's own knowledge and skill sets. This personal seclusion appeals to the reserved INFPs because it allows them to freely practice their profound intuition and comprehension of unique human emotions.

A career in psychology involves a lot of assisting others, which is another major value shared by persons with the INFP personality. They may assist people comprehend the inner workings of their thoughts and guide them through their problems as psychologists.

One of the things that makes INFPs the happiest is the opportunity to truly serve others. Furthermore, their honesty, listening abilities, and mindfulness can assist their patients in opening up, making the entire process simpler. INFPs are drawn to psychology because it allows for innovative problem-solving.

2. Artist

The INFP is unique and inventive. Pursuing artistic endeavors will speak to their desire to work independently while also allowing them to do project-based meaningful work. This might include things like animation, illustration, or graphic design.

3. Professor

An INFP finds it easy to share information in order to find truth and significance. Furthermore, the modest class sizes of university-level students will be manageable for their introverted tendencies. Because students are more likely to have similar fundamental values, the INFP will be able to collaborate effectively with them, motivating and helping them to achieve their goals.

The INFP professor frequently takes a personal approach to each student. This is due, in part, to the small group size, but not only to it. The sharp INFP perception shows them which pupil is dealing with what, and they are more inclined to devote extra time to resolving these issues personally. Their pleasant, loving demeanor is noted and may easily motivate their kids to learn and progress academically. 

An INFP's enthusiasm for their topic is likely to be contagious, since they have the unique ability to break down difficult concepts into simply digestible bits. INFPs are attentive and conscientious individuals who inspire trust in both students and university management.

4. Librarian

A profession as a librarian would be ideal for the INFP's personality traits and features. It effortlessly mixes a calm setting with service to others. Librarians are responsible for assisting people in finding information, performing research, and even managing important documents and papers. 

It is also a varied occupation, since there are several types of librarians - school, university, public library, research institute, and so on. Even if other people don't see it, most INFPs can sense a purpose in their librarian work. It's simple for them to feel like they're making a difference by assisting others in attaining a greater level of knowledge.

5. Writer

The INFP's ambition is to write a novel, but while becoming an author is a terrific career choice, other writing careers may be just as gratifying.

Writing written content for businesses, editorials and pieces for newspapers and magazines, screenwriting and scriptwriting are all aspects of a project-based and gratifying employment.

This form of job requires creativity and imagination, and because it can be tough, it frequently necessitates an alternative approach, which the INFP is well suited for.

6. Fundraiser

Immersion in meaningful undertakings that allow the INFP to express their compassion and inventiveness is always a good fit. Fundraising for charity or other good causes will appeal to the INFP's idealism and morals while allowing them to create one-on-one connections with contributors and work independently.

7. Social Worker

Although an INFP might be too sensitive at times, their desire to assist others and attain idealistic goals makes them well-suited to work as a social worker. Natural compassion and empathy are required for success in the profession, and because the INFP is motivated by idealism rather than money or prestige, a role defined by moral purpose – such as this one – is excellent.

8. Marketer

The same qualities that make INFPs extremely good writers also serve them well as marketers. They are imaginative and instinctively grasp their target demographic's goals, requirements, and issues. This amazing ability arises from being able to quickly envision oneself in the shoes of their customers. They understand their target consumers' concerns, hopes, and joys, as well as what will bring them closer to the call to action.

9. Human Resources Specialist

HR professionals assist companies with workplace satisfaction, bonus schemes, hiring, and other employment requirements. This necessitates a good ability to read people as well as an understanding of what job seekers are seeking for. The innate empathy of an INFP is a significant benefit in this field since HR specialists play a crucial part in ensuring corporations manage to keep their staff satisfied.

10. Public Relations Specialist

INFPs who possess particularly strong communication skills will do well in a career in public relations. As a PR specialist, you are the liaison between the public and your client. Because of your natural inclination to perceive, you have an advantage going into this field.

III. Career matches for INFP Types to Avoid

1. Politician

Politics is one of the INFP career matching that INFPs are famously awful at. Even if they are idealistic people with huge goals, working in politics sometimes requires a lot of connection and mingling with others.

This component of the profession may be tough for the introverted INFP who prefers to avoid the spotlight. Even if their way of thinking is extremely inspirational to the majority, it will have little influence if they just share it with themselves or small groups of individuals they know.

Political behavior also involves a lot of data processing, which will irritate INFPs. People with this personality type are considered to be highly honest and faithful to their moral compass, which means they will most likely be unable to bend their values in order to meet this work need.

INFPs are led by their Introverted Feeling cognitive function, which gives them considerable faith in their inner feelings, hunches, and convictions. Making moral sacrifices is just not an option for them.

2. Law

While the INFP's morals and proclivity to fight for a cause may lead them to a profession in law, their natural integrity might present issues if they were expected to fight for reasons with which they disagree.
Lawyers are also required to communicate with a wide range of individuals, which would be difficult for an INFP.

3. Military

To be happy in their profession, the INFP must resist strict adherence to rules, bureaucracy, and routine.

Military duty can necessitate compassion and empathy, but the INFP is sometimes regarded as eccentric and unusual, and their desire to utilize their imagination to solve issues and 'think outside the box' is not a trait that the military typically seeks.