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The Supervisor

ESTJ Career Matches

Because of their determined character and inclination for structure and order, the best ESTJ career matches enable them to organize and be in charge, allowing them to create and execute rules and regulations.

This article will cover the many character qualities associated with an ESTJ personality in a professional setting, as well as provide ten of the best and worst ESTJ career matches.

I. The ESTJ at Work

1. Ideal ISFJ career matches

Because ESTJs are task-oriented, they may feel upset with colleagues who engage in lengthy or theoretical debates before taking action. Similarly, they are inclined to grow irritated with others who depart from the agreed-upon plan or do not have the same regard for deadlines and schedules.

Rules and boundaries are important to ESTJs. They also expect everyone else to be flawless. They prefer to strive high, choosing professional options that will give them long-term employment stability.

ESTJs thrive at leadership and can provide vitality to any team. Their attitude to communication is honest and straightforward - they won't mince their words to get their point through, which can cause discord in some team contexts.

ESTJs are natural born leaders who excel at directing others. Their passion and drive to complete their obligations, as well as their strong communication skills, allow them to encourage and push their colleagues to achieve objectives and commitments, particularly those that the ESTJ feels are vital. The Executive will ensure that projects are carried out to completion.

2. Uncharacteristic ISFJ career matches

ESTJs are prone to suffer in jobs that provide little consistency or engagement with others. They are unlikely to prosper in a career that needs them to make rapid judgments or adjust to change.

Work that is very repetitive or lacks social connection extinguishes the Executive's fire. Because of their rigid inclinations, ESTJs may struggle to adjust to settings that need a high level of flexibility and spontaneity.

Strong-willed ESTJs may be obstinate, especially when thoughts and ideas contradict their values and standards. They will not budge unless they are presented with clear data that show them wrong.

ExESTJs, who love stability and tradition, hold themselves to very high standards and value the respect that comes with the power and responsibility they bear. As a result, they may get preoccupied with meeting others' expectations and perceptions of them.

ESTJs commit themselves to extremely high standards and value the respect that comes with leadership and responsibility. As a result, they may get preoccupied with meeting others' expectations and perceptions of them. One of the ESTJ-A and ESTJ-T distinctions is this proclivity. Turbulents require more acceptance from others than the more independent Assertives.

II. 10 Best ESTJ Career Matches 

1. Coach

Many ESTJ personalities are active and find that their leadership talents are best suited to a coaching vocation. During their school years, many ESTJs participate in sports, frequently becoming team captains. These early experiences will provide you with a good foundation for subsequent success as a coach.

Their abilities will enable them to motivate their team to succeed, develop teamwork skills, and train on a regular basis to improve over time. These abilities are also applicable to corporate coaching positions such as marketing, financial, and management consultants.

2. Manager

The Executive enjoys both being in command and maintaining discipline and order. ESTJs are natural born leaders with outstanding communication skills who succeed at overseeing personnel, managing day-to-day operations, and ensuring that goals are reached. As achievers, these self-motivated directors are excellent in motivating and inspiring others.

3. Judge

This is a wonderful alternative for ESTJs seeking for a long-term professional path. Before becoming a judge, a lot of expertise in the court system is necessary, yet it's a very fulfilling and enticing professional choice for ESTJ personality types.

ESTJs excel at creating a clear career strategy and attaining each of their goals in sequence. They also despise chaos and dishonesty, thus working as a judge allows them to help to the settlement of these difficulties.

4. Financial Officer

A profession in finance is one of the perfect ESTJ career matches, a natural choice for ESTJ personality types since it provides order, structure, and the opportunity to follow defined regulations and guidelines.

The ESTJ personality type has a natural desire for order and organization, which lends itself to successful jobs in finance. These individuals have an eye for the finer points of budget management, which allows them to be among the first to devise innovative methods to simplify operations, save money, and enhance efficiency. 

They will be able to appreciate the team-management component as well as the structure that comes with managing and keeping financial records and paperwork in a financial leadership post.

An ESTJ might like both the order of managing financial paperwork and the leadership component of directing others on the team as a financial officer.

5. Military and law

ESTJs are noted for their firm belief in and dedication to order and structure. They not only respect and adhere to the norms and customs established by authority figures, but they also expect others to do the same.

Directors excel in the military and law enforcement fields because of their respect for law and order, especially when given supervisory duties.

6. Senior accountant

ESTJs are extremely efficient and comprehensive. They are exceptional at dealing with work that requires precision and detail while ensuring that the job is quality and meets the deadline.

ESTJs employ their organizational skills as senior accountants to consolidate and verify records and transactions, manage balances and statements, and oversee and supervise younger accountants.

7. Real estate agent

If you don't want to manage a large staff, you may use your organizing and leadership talents as a real estate agent. These individuals frequently work for themselves and appreciate the freedom of being able to determine their own schedules.

In this sector, there are several difficulties to satisfy the ESTJ's urge to develop and attain personal objectives. The capacity of an ESTJ to stay organized and visualize the timetable of a project is ideal for this self-motivated job route.

8. Chief executive officer

ESTJs are excellent managers because they are organized and meticulous, with a keen eye for detail. The job of chef allows ESTJs to take the lead and establish a methodical manner of doing things while adhering to food hygiene / safety requirements and business norms.

They also have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, which are required for executive leadership. These talents make it simpler for a chief executive officer (CEO) to manage quality control, budgets, and consistently excite people with the company's vision and goals.

9. Pharmacist

Dispensing prescribed medications to patients is the responsibility of pharmacists. They also provide advise and expertise on prescription safety, healthy lifestyles, health tests, and immunizations. The requirement to follow protocols is critical for patient safety, hence ESTJs will be an excellent fit for this profession.

10. Public relations manager

ESTJs are most qualified to represent the organization because of their passion and commitment to their job. Executives not only work hard and are dependable, but they also set a good example.

ESTJs that are sociable and extroverted are also excellent networkers who connect well with others. These characteristics assist them in maintaining a positive public image and motivating everyone else in the company to do the same.

III. Career matches for ESTJ Types to Avoid

1. Preschool or Primary School Teacher

Structure is important to ESTJ personalities, while educating young children provides the polar opposite. Preschoolers are often boisterous and energetic, and the majority of them dislike following rules. In this job, an ESTJ personality would most likely feel completely out of their element.

Working with children is sometimes hectic and unpredictable. This work necessitates patience and adaptability, both of which the ESTJ type lacks. Though ESTJs may be excellent with children, especially when leading by example, they do not often enjoy dealing with small groups of youngsters.

2. Artist

While ESTJ types are clearly creative, the unstructured life of a professional artist may not be for them. Work as a writer, musician, or actor is included. These occupations are frequently unexpected, which is inconvenient given the ESTJ's demand for structure.

Pretending to be someone they are not will not appeal to an ESTJ, while the prospect of being in the spotlight may. Aside from that, acting does not provide much structure — gigs might be few and income is changeable. Acting is not a viable alternative for the ESTJ who craves stability and security.

3. Data entry clerk

Though your organizational abilities and attention to detail will be well-suited to the position of a data entry clerk, you will most likely find it lacking in personal connection. These jobs also entail repetitive work with little variation.

Inputting data may be a lonely profession, therefore an outgoing ESTJ is unlikely to like it. Although they may appreciate following defined processes with great care, the monotony and loneliness are likely to make them feel socially alienated.